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== Teams by Nation ==
== Teams by Nation ==
{| align=center
{| align=center
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|IRQ}} [[:Category:Iraqi Clubs|Al Iraq]]
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|KUW}} [[:Category:Kuwaiti Clubs|Al Kuwayt]]
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|MAR}} [[:Category:Moroccan Clubs|Al Maghrib]]
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|JOR}} [[:Category:Jordanian Clubs|Al Urdun]]
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|YEM}} [[:Category:Yemeni Clubs|Al Yaman]]
|width="17%"| {{Flagicon|ALG}} [[:Category:Algerian Clubs|Algérie]]
| {{Flagicon|AND}} [[:Category:Andorran Clubs|Andorra]]
| {{Flagicon|ANG}} [[:Category:Angolan Clubs|Angola]]
| {{Flagicon|ARG}} [[:Category:Argentinian Clubs|Argentina]]
| {{Flagicon|AZE}} [[:Category:Azeri Clubs|Azərbaycan]]
| {{Flagicon|BHR}} [[:Category:Bahraini Clubs|Bahrain]]
| {{Flagicon|BAN}} [[:Category:Bangladeshi Clubs|Bangladesh]]
| {{Flagicon|BRB}} [[:Category:Barbadian Clubs|Barbados]]
| {{Flagicon|BLR}} [[:Category:Belarusian Clubs|Belarus]]
| {{Flagicon|BEL}} [[:Category:Belgian Clubs|België]]
| {{Flagicon|BEN}} [[:Category:Beninese Clubs|Benin]]
| {{Flagicon|BOL}} [[:Category:Bolivian Clubs|Bolivia]]
| {{Flagicon|BIH}} [[:Category:Bosna i Hercegovina Clubs|Bosna i Hercegovina]]
| {{Flagicon|BIH}} [[:Category:Bosna i Hercegovina Clubs|Bosna i Hercegovina]]
| {{Flagicon|BRA}} [[:Category:Brazilian Clubs|Brasil]]
| {{Flagicon|BRU}} [[:Category:Bruneian Clubs|Brunei]]
| {{Flagicon|BUL}} [[:Category:Bulgarian Clubs|Bulgaria]]
| {{Flagicon|CPV}} [[:Category:Cape Verdean Clubs|Cabo Verde]]
| {{Flagicon|CAN}} [[:Category:Canadian Clubs|Canada]]
| {{Flagicon|CZE}} [[:Category:Czech Clubs|Česká republika]]
| {{Flagicon|CHI}} [[:Category:Chilean Clubs|Chile]]
| {{Flagicon|CHN}} [[:Category:Chinese Clubs|China]]
| {{Flagicon|TPE}} [[:Category:Taiwanese Clubs|Chinese Taipei]]
| {{Flagicon|COL}} [[:Category:Colombian Clubs|Colombia]]
| {{Flagicon|CRC}} [[:Category:Costa Rican Clubs|Costa Rica]]
| {{Flagicon|CIV}} [[:Category:Ivoirian Clubs|Côte d'Ivoire]]
| {{Flagicon|MON}} [[:Category:Montenegrin Clubs|Crna Gora]]
| {{Flagicon|WAL}} [[:Category:Welsh Clubs|Cymru]]
| {{Flagicon|CYP}} [[:Category:Cypriot Clubs|Cyprus]]
| {{Flagicon|DEN}} [[:Category:Danish Clubs|Danmark]]
| {{Flagicon|QAT}} [[:Category:Qatari Clubs|Dawlat Qatar]]
| {{Flagicon|GER}} [[:Category:German Clubs|Deutschland]]
| {{Flagicon|MDV}} [[:Category:Maldivian Clubs|Dhivehi Raajje]]
| {{Flagicon|ECU}} [[:Category:Ecuadorian Clubs|Ecuador]]
| {{Flagicon|EST}} [[:Category:Estonian Clubs|Eesti]]
| {{Flagicon|SLV}} [[:Category:Salvadoran Clubs|El Salvador]]
| {{Flagicon|ENG}} [[:Category:English Clubs|England]]
| {{Flagicon|ESP}} [[:Category:Spanish Clubs|España]]
| {{Flagicon|FRO}} [[:Category:Faroese Clubs|Føroyar]]
| {{Flagicon|FRA}} [[:Category:French Clubs|France]]
| {{Flagicon|GHA}} [[:Category:Ghanaian Clubs|Ghana]]
| {{Flagicon|GUA}} [[:Category:Guatemalan Clubs|Guatemala]]
| {{Flagicon|KOR}} [[:Category:Hanguk Clubs|Hanguk]]
| {{Flagicon|ARM}} [[:Category:Armenian Clubs|Hayastan]]
| {{Flagicon|GRE}} [[:Category:Greek Clubs|Hellas]]
| {{Flagicon|HON}} [[:Category:Honduran Clubs|Honduras]]
| {{Flagicon|HKG}} [[:Category:Hong Kong Clubs|Hong Kong]]
| {{Flagicon|CRO}} [[:Category:Croatian Clubs|Hrvatska]]
| {{Flagicon|IND}} [[:Category:Indian Clubs|India]]
| {{Flagicon|IDN}} [[:Category:Indonesian Clubs|Indonesia]]
| {{Flagicon|IRN}} [[:Category:Iranian Clubs|Iran]]
| {{Flagicon|IRL}} [[:Category:Irish Clubs|Ireland]]
| {{Flagicon|ISL}} [[:Category:Icelandic Clubs|Ísland]]
| {{Flagicon|ISR}} [[:Category:Israeli Clubs|Israel]]
| {{Flagicon|ITA}} [[:Category:Italian Clubs|Italia]]
| {{Flagicon|JAM}} [[:Category:Jamaican Clubs|Jamaica]]
| {{Flagicon|CAM}} [[:Category:Cambodian Clubs|Kampuchea]]
| {{Flagicon|KAZ}} [[:Category:Kazakhstani Clubs|Kazakhstan]]
| {{Flagicon|KEN}} [[:Category:Kenyan Clubs|Kenya]]
| {{Flagicon|KGZ}} [[:Category:Kyrgyzstani Clubs|Kyrgyzstan]]
| {{Flagicon|LVA}} [[:Category:Latvian Clubs|Latvija]]
| {{Flagicon|LUX}} [[:Category:Luxembourg Clubs|Lëtzebuerg]]
| {{Flagicon|LIE}} [[:Category:Liechtenstein Clubs|Liechtenstein]]
| {{Flagicon|LTU}} [[:Category:Lithuanian Clubs|Lietuva]]
| {{Flagicon|LIB}} [[:Category:Lebanese Clubs|Lubnan]]
| {{Flagicon|HUN}} [[:Category:Hungarian Clubs|Magyarország]]
| {{Flagicon|MKD}} [[:Category:Macedonian Clubs|Makedonija]]
| {{Flagicon|MAS}} [[:Category:Malaysian Clubs|Malaysia]]
| {{Flagicon|MLT}} [[:Category:Maltese Clubs|Malta]]
| {{Flagicon|MEX}} [[:Category:Mexican Clubs|México]]
| {{Flagicon|EGY}} [[:Category:Egyptian Clubs|Misr]]
| {{Flagicon|MOZ}} [[:Category:Mozambican Clubs|Moçambique]]
| {{Flagicon|MDA}} [[:Category:Moldovan Clubs|Moldova]]
| {{Flagicon|MGL}} [[:Category:Mongolian Clubs|Mongol Uls]]
| {{Flagicon|NED}} [[:Category:Dutch Clubs|Nederland]]
| {{Flagicon|NCA}} [[:Category:Nicaraguan Clubs|Nicaragua]]
| {{Flagicon|NGA}} [[:Category:Nigerian Clubs|Nigeria]]
| {{Flagicon|JPN}} [[:Category:Japanese Clubs|Nippon]]
| {{Flagicon|NOR}} [[:Category:Norwegian Clubs|Norge]]
| {{Flagicon|NIR}} [[:Category:Northern Irish Clubs|Northern Ireland]]
| {{Flagicon|OCE}} [[:Category:Oceanian Clubs|Oceania]]
| {{Flagicon|AUT}} [[:Category:Austrian Clubs|Österreich]]
| {{Flagicon|PAK}} [[:Category:Pakistani Clubs|Pakistan]]
| {{Flagicon|PAN}} [[:Category:Panamanian Clubs|Panamá]]
| {{Flagicon|PAR}} [[:Category:Paraguayan Clubs|Paraguay]]
| {{Flagicon|PER}} [[:Category:Peruvian Clubs|Perú]]
| {{Flagicon|PHI}} [[:Category:Philippine Clubs|Philippines]]
| {{Flagicon|POL}} [[:Category:Polish Clubs|Polska]]
| {{Flagicon|POR}} [[:Category:Portuguese Clubs|Portugal]]
| {{Flagicon|THA}} [[:Category:Thai Clubs|Prathet Thai]]
| {{Flagicon|DOM}} [[:Category:Dominican Republic Clubs|Republica Dominicana]]
| {{Flagicon|ROU}} [[:Category:Romanian Clubs|România]]
| {{Flagicon|RUS}} [[:Category:Russian Clubs|Rossiya]]
| {{Flagicon|GEO}} [[:Category:Georgian Clubs|Sakartvelo]]
| {{Flagicon|KSA}} [[:Category:Saudi Clubs|Saudi Arabia]]
| {{Flagicon|SUI}} [[:Category:Swiss Clubs|Schweiz]]
| {{Flagicon|SCO}} [[:Category:Scottish Clubs|Scotland]]
| {{Flagicon|SEN}} [[:Category:Senegalese Clubs|Sénégal]]
| {{Flagicon|ALB}} [[:Category:Albanian Clubs|Shqipëria]]
| {{Flagicon|SIN}} [[:Category:Singapore Clubs|Singapore]]
| {{Flagicon|SVN}} [[:Category:Slovenian Clubs|Slovenija]]
| {{Flagicon|SVK}} [[:Category:Slovak Clubs|Slovensko]]
| {{Flagicon|RSA}} [[:Category:South African Clubs|South Africa]]
| {{Flagicon|SER}} [[:Category:Serbian Clubs|Srbija]]
| {{Flagicon|FIN}} [[:Category:Finnish Clubs|Suomi]]
| {{Flagicon|SUR}} [[:Category:Surinamese Clubs|Suriname]]
| {{Flagicon|SYR}} [[:Category:Syrian Clubs|Suriyah]]
| {{Flagicon|SWE}} [[:Category:Swedish Clubs|Sverige]]
| {{Flagicon|TUN}} [[:Category:Tunisian Clubs|Tounes]]
| {{Flagicon|TRI}} [[:Category:Trinidad & Tobago Clubs|Trinidad & Tobago]]
| {{Flagicon|TUR}} [[:Category:Turkish Clubs|Türkiye]]
| {{Flagicon|OMA}} [[:Category:Omani Clubs|Uman]]
| {{Flagicon|UKR}} [[:Category:Ukrainian Clubs|Ukraina]]
| {{Flagicon|UGA}} [[:Category:Ugandan Clubs|Uganda]]
| {{Flagicon|UAE}} [[:Category:Emirati Clubs|United Arab Emirates]]
| {{Flagicon|URU}} [[:Category:Uruguayan Clubs|Uruguay]]
| {{Flagicon|USA}} [[:Category:American Clubs|USA]]
| {{Flagicon|VEN}} [[:Category:Venezuelan Clubs|Venezuela]]
| {{Flagicon|VIE}} [[:Category:Vietnamese Clubs|Việt Nam]]

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Each team is run by a human manager who is solely responsible for hiring and firing players, staff and coaches, setting the formation and tactics for the competitive matches, and planning and implementing a long term training and economic strategy.

Teams not run by humans are known as bot teams, or simply bots.

Each club plays a 16 week league (also called series) program. The first week game consists of the first round of the cup. Cup games continue as long as you keep winning. After that, friendly matches can be played. The following 14 weekend games are played against series opponents.

The last week is called by many people the 'off season'. During this week, no league or cup games are played, but a number of updates happen. These include all yellow cards being removed, and the mood of supporters and sponsors being reset.

During this week, the end of season promotion/relegation play-off games happen. These are known as qualification games.

Team Name

Klub je osnovan 03.10.2004 god. u Sarajevu od strane "Donrolls" managera. Ime dobija po poznatom sarajevskom naselju Alipašino polje,koje je uvijek bilo rasadnik fudbalskih velemajstora.

Researching Other Teams

It is always useful to research your next opponent by checking their previous games and also their best players. There are several tools to assist in this. Details can be found on the Helper Applications page.

Teams by Nation

Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosna i Hercegovina

Special Teams

There are a number of special teams in Hattrick. For example teams where all players have the same name, names of real life famous people or something else that make them stand out.

Name Teams

Home-grown Teams

Other special teams

See Also