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Each club is run by a human manager who is solely responsible for hiring and firing players, staff and coaches, setting the formation and tactics for the competitive matches, and planning and implementing a long term training and economic strategy.

Teams not run by humans are known as bot teams, or simply bots.

Each club plays a 16 week league (also called series) program. The first week game consists of the first round of the cup. Cup games continue as long as you keep winning. After that, friendly matches can be played. The following 14 weekend games are played against series opponents.

The last week is called by many people the 'off season'. During this week, no league or cup games are played, but a number of updates happen. These include all players ageing by one year, all yellow cards being removed, and the mood of supporters and sponsors being reset.

During this week, the end of season promotion/relegation play-off games happen. These are known as qualification games.

Team Name

As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name, picked by the user on signing up. While each team has a unique ID number, team names are not necessarily unique. Some popular names are used by many teams.

Some team names relate to a real club such as AC Milan. More common are puns like Madchester Untied.

To learn more about team names, click here.

If you want to change the team's name (only possible in the off-season) then you have to pay 10 000 and 3% of your supporters will leave your team.

Researching Other Teams

It is always useful to research your next opponent by checking their previous games and also their best players. There are several tools to assist in this. Details can be found on the Helper Applications page.

Teams by Nation

Template:Flag/IRQ Al Iraq Template:Flag/ALG Al Jazair Template:Flag/KUW Al Kuwayt Template:Flag/MAR Al Maghrib Template:Flag/JOR Al Urdun Template:Flag/YEM Al Yaman
Template:Flag/AND Andorra Template:Flag/ANG Angola Template:Flag/ARG Argentina Template:Flag/AZE Azərbaycan Template:Flag/BHR Bahrain Template:Flag/BAN Bangladesh
Template:Flag/BRB Barbados Template:Flag/BLR Belarus Template:Flag/BEL België Template:Flag/BOL Bolivia Template:Flag/BIH Bosna i Hercegovina Template:Flag/BRA Brasil
Template:Flag/BUL Bulgaria Template:Flag/CPV Cabo Verde Template:Flag/CAN Canada Template:Flag/CZE Česká republika Template:Flag/CHI Chile Template:Flag/CHN China
Template:Flag/TPE Chinese Taipei Template:Flag/COL Colombia Template:Flag/CRC Costa Rica Template:Flag/CIV Côte d'Ivoire Template:Flag/MON Crna Gora Template:Flag/WAL Cymru
Template:Flag/CYP Cyprus Template:Flag/DEN Danmark Template:Flag/GER Deutschland Template:Flag/ECU Ecuador Template:Flag/EST Eesti Template:Flag/SLV El Salvador
Template:Flag/ENG England Template:Flag/ESP España Template:Flag/FRO Føroyar Template:Flag/FRA France Template:Flag/GUA Guatemala Template:Flag/KOR Hanguk
Template:Flag/ARM Hayastan Template:Flag/GRE Hellas Template:Flag/HON Honduras Template:Flag/HKG Hong Kong Template:Flag/CRO Hrvatska Template:Flag/IND India
Template:Flag/IDN Indonesia Template:Flag/IRN Iran Template:Flag/IRL Ireland Template:Flag/ISL Ísland Template:Flag/ISR Israel Template:Flag/ITA Italia
Template:Flag/JAM Jamaica Template:Flag/KAZ Kazakhstan Template:Flag/KEN Kenya Template:Flag/KGZ Kyrgyzstan Template:Flag/LVA Latvija Template:Flag/LUX Lëtzebuerg
Template:Flag/LIE Liechtenstein Template:Flag/LTU Lietuva Template:Flag/LIB Lubnan Template:Flag/MKD FYR Macedonia Template:Flag/HUN Magyarország Template:Flag/MAS Malaysia
Template:Flag/MLT Malta Template:Flag/MEX México Template:Flag/EGY Misr Template:Flag/MDA Moldova Template:Flag/MGL Mongol Uls Template:Flag/NED Nederland
Template:Flag/NCA Nicaragua Template:Flag/NGA Nigeria Template:Flag/JPN Nippon Template:Flag/NOR Norge Template:Flag/NIR Northern Ireland Template:Flag/OCE Oceania
Template:Flag/AUT Österreich Template:Flag/PAK Pakistan Template:Flag/PAN Panamá Template:Flag/PAR Paraguay Template:Flag/PER Perú Template:Flag/PHI Philippines
Template:Flag/POL Polska Template:Flag/POR Portugal Template:Flag/THA Prathet Thai Template:Flag/DOM Republica Dominicana Template:Flag/ROU România Template:Flag/RUS Rossiya
Template:Flag/GEO Sakartvelo Template:Flag/KSA Saudi Arabia Template:Flag/SUI Schweiz Template:Flag/SCO Scotland Template:Flag/SEN Sénégal Template:Flag/ALB Shqiperia
Template:Flag/SIN Singapore Template:Flag/SVN Slovenija Template:Flag/SVK Slovensko Template:Flag/RSA South Africa Template:Flag/SER Srbija Template:Flag/FIN Suomi
Template:Flag/SUR Suriname Template:Flag/SWE Sverige Template:Flag/TUN Tounes Template:Flag/TRI Trinidad & Tobago Template:Flag/TUR Türkiye Template:Flag/USA USA
Template:Flag/UKR Ukraina Template:Flag/OMA Uman Template:Flag/UAE United Arab Emirates Template:Flag/URU Uruguay Template:Flag/VEN Venezuela Template:Flag/VIE Vietnam