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A team is the virtual football team one owns and manages in Hattrick. It consists of a number of virtual football players, usually between 20 and 30 (maximum 50). The manager chooses a line-up with 11 of these players for each game, plus 5 substitutes. If the 50-players limit is exceeded, Training is lost for that week. Please take note that the Coach is considered a player, as he may well play (and often does) and does get regular Training.

Each club is run by a human manager who is solely responsible for hiring, firing employees within it, setting the tactics for the competitive matches, and planning and implementing any long term strategy.

Each club will play a 16 week league (also called series) program. The first week game consists of the first round of the cup. The following 14 games are played against series opponents.

The last week is called by many people the 'Off-season'. During this week, no league or cup games are played, but a number of updates happen. These include all players ageing by one year, all yellow cards being removed, and the mood of supporters and sponsors being reset.

During this week, the end of season promotion/relegation play-off games happen.

Researching Other Teams

Here is a list of Web-sites that gather statistical information on teams. This can be useful in researching your next opponent.

  • Hatstats: You can use the search function at the top of every page within the site of the country your opponent is playing in. Only holds stats on Div V and above teams.
  • [1]: A site that covers a limited number of countries to a high level
  • An extensive list of sites with statistics on Hattrick can be found on the game's official web-site: under Community -> CHPP

Ownerless teams

In the bottom two divisions, teams will be replaced as soon as a replacement owner becomes available. In some leagues this is almsot immediate, whilst in other countries, it can take several weeks.

These teams will continue to play the last formation set by the human owner

In the higher divisions if a team becomes ownerless (deserted by its human user) it will continue to use the standard lineup until this lineup is reset automatically. Such a reset is made 3 times each season: Before the mid-week games of Week 1 (the first cup game), Week 8 (mid-season), and Week 15 (the qualifying games). When the reset is made, the team will become a bot team, playing all games with the same (low skilled) players. Ownerless teams will thus be relegated through each series until they reach one of the two lowest divisions, where they can get a new owner. Lineup resets only apply to teams that have lost their owner, not to teams that never had one.

For a fuller discussion. see bot

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