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Each club is run by a human manager who is solely responsible for hiring and firing players, staff and coaches, setting the formation and tactics for the competitive matches, and planning and implementing a long term training strategy.

Teams that are not be run by humans, are known as bot teams.

Each club will play a 16 week league (also called series) program. The first week game consists of the first round of the cup. The following 14 games are played against series opponents.

The last week is called by many people the 'Off-season'. During this week, no league or cup games are played, but a number of updates happen. These include all players ageing by one year, all yellow cards being removed, and the mood of supporters and sponsors being reset.

During this week, the end of season promotion/relegation play-off games happen. These are known as qualification games.

Researching Other Teams

It is always useful to research your next opponent by checking their previous games

there are several useful tools to assist in this and details can be found on the Helper Applications page.

Team Names

As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name. The name of the team is its prime distinguish sign of other teams in Hattrick, as it is much easier to remember a name of a team, such as AC Milan or Machester Uinted, than an id number (e.g. 340592). The option of adding a unique name gives a pesonal tuch to Hattrick, although many teams use common sequances - AC, Lokomative, FC, United, Real, Maccabi - and so on, depending on the country's usual First/Surnames.

To learn more about team names, click here.

Teams by Nation