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Canada London Athletic Soccer Club (1671111)
managed by TTT_Roy
Full Name London Athletic Soccer Club
Nickname Athletic
Founded 2007-12-23
Location Ontario, Canada
Arena Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium
Coach Josu Morresi Ht star.png
League IV.36
updated on: 2012-10-19 01:47
Team kits
Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium (1667673)
Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium
Last Rebuild 2010-05-24
Terraces 30000
Basic 15000
Roof 10000
VIP 2000
Capacity 57000


Division V.PNG

Season 37

Division V.PNG

Season 33

Division V.PNG

Season 29

Division VI.PNG

Season 23


London Athletic Soccer Club is a hattrick club founded by TTT_Roy. This historical moment happened on December 23, 2007. Team is located in Ontario, Canada and plays in Division IV.36. Future stars are coming from London Athletic Soccer Club youth club London Athletic Youth.

London Athletic Soccer Club plays out of the Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium, named after the Club President T. Krywulak's wife. The stadium's concession stands sell cupcakes made fresh every week by Shooting Star Sweets, owned by none other than Marissa Krywulak.

London Athletic Soccer Club's main rival is KMB United. While the clubs have never played a competitive match against each other, this heated rivalry has reached epic proportions. The clubs' relationship have rapidly disintegrated after the Athletic Army broke into Burgess Road and stole KMB United's mascot, Dolly the sheep. Most recently, LASC President T. Krywulak attended KMB United's final games of season 37 to cheer their relegation back into Division 4, ignoring his own club's promotion.

Another rivalry had been established with the Monkey Island Maniacs. LASC battled with Monkey Island Maniacs in Division V.38 for two seasons, establishing one of the most hotly contested Ontario derbies in the history of Hattrick. The clubs' rivalry was cemented when Athletic and Island respectfully appointed Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan as their club presidents. Presently, the Monkey Island Maniacs are managed by a bot after LASC was successful in its mission to destroy the club.

The club's Honourary President is Tonya Harding. She was appointed to the position for her win at all costs attitude and her connections with anonymous henchmen.

Fan Club

Team's fan club is called The Athletic Army. Currently there are 2656 members.

The team has two anthems. The first - the theme to the movie Rocky - is symbolic of the team's fighting spirit and dedicated to Honourary Club President Tonya Harding for her victory on Fox's Celebrity Boxing in which she defeated Paula Jones. The team enters and exits the tunnel at the Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium to the Rocky theme. The second song - "Blue is the Colour" - is an altered version of the Chelsea FC anthem. The club selected this song to honour the world's greatest club, Chelsea FC, and further develop its relationship with the Premiership giants. This anthem is sung loudly at half-time and after each of LASC's goals.

The Athletic Army has also established several other game-day rituals. The Athletic Army sings Lancelot Maillet's name in the 49th minute - in recognition of the team's first goal scored in the same minute by Maillet. Prior to kick-off, the Athletic Army fires a cannon six times to remember the club's record victory over KMB United 6-0 on September 2, 2009. Finally, the club has four young fans come out of the tunnel with the team at each of its home games. These fans honour the club's championship teams by wearing a jersey from one of those seasons (seasons 23, 29, 33, 37).

Current squad

Nat. Player Goals Hattricks NT U20
Poland Aleksander Fidziński Ht star.png 53 2 0 0
Spain Carlos Pascual Pérez Ht star.png 13 1 0 0
Sweden Caspian Olsson Ht star.png 62 4 0 0
England Daniel Pumphrey Ht star.png 39 0 0 0
Germany Fabian Eekboom Ht star.png 25 2 0 0
Switzerland Ingo Beck Ht star.png 34 0 0 0
Portugal Ivo Manuel Cardoso Domingos Ht star.png 75 5 0 0
Spain Javier Riaño Ht star.png 117 9 0 0
USA John Neil Ht star.png 66 6 0 0
Argentina Josu Morresi Ht star.png 42 1 0 0
Bulgaria Kolyo Mitov Ht star.png 42 2 0 0
Canada Long Vest Ht star.png 3 0 0 0
Hungary Marcell Kundrák Ht star.png 8 0 0 0
Argentina Marco Felentzer Ht star.png 6 0 0 0
Italy Massimiliano Oliva Ht star.png 40 2 0 0
Spain Pablo Oliva Ht star.png 20 0 0 0
Netherlands Raoul Bikkersma Ht star.png 45 1 0 0
Lithuania Rimutis Čubrinskas Ht star.png 1 0 0 0
Hungary Roland Schindler Ht star.png 59 1 0 0
Germany Sascha Franca Ht star.png 26 1 0 0
Canada Scott Wyman Ht star.png 18 0 0 0
Canada Stephen Dunn Ht star.png 18 3 0 0
Germany Wendolin Scheithauser Ht star.png 0 0 0 0

Raised in this team

Player Goals Hattricks NT U20 Owner
Harold Qualls Ht star.png 43 1 0 0 Belgium Yokel's United
Andrzej Grodzki Ht star.png 18 0 0 0 Russia Turbodizel
Cyril Savard Ht star.png 9 0 0 0 Romania F.C. Ismail
Durk Phillips Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Croatia NK Grandi
Emmanuel Forest Ht star.png 3 1 0 0 Germany FC Dangast
Erland MacMurchy Ht star.png 5 0 0 0 Peru Nederlandoxa FC
Ezra Samuel Ht star.png 70 6 0 0 Finland fc jokerti
Grigorakis Daravanis Ht star.png 12 1 0 0 Brazil ZAAAH
Michael Boyce Ht star.png 44 1 0 0 England Fudoki Mons
Nathan Ashwood Ht star.png 18 0 0 0 Italy nettuleo
Olivier Lambert Ht star.png 34 3 0 0 Italy Real Palaron
Paul Breton Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Hungary Nerazzurri77
Ron Joy Ht star.png 5 0 0 0 Chile c.a. austral
Scott Bland Ht star.png 2 0 0 0 Canada The Red White Titans
Simon Chagnon Ht star.png 2 0 0 0 Portugal Estrela PTG FC
Toni Théberge Ht star.png 7 0 0 0 Croatia CroAliens

Transfer stats

Total Purchases: 42 989 213 €
Total Sales: 22 473 116 €
Difference: -20 516 096 €
Average (bought): 682 368 €
Average (sold): 295 699 €
Average (bought + sold): -147 598 €
Players bought: 63
Players sold: 76
Number of transfers: 139

Hall of Fame

Calogero Zagari Ht star.png
First day with club 2008-01-01
Current occupation Entrepeneur
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 32 in May 17, 2010.

Flag Collection


Arena Marissa Krywulak Pepsi Stadium has hosted teams from 21 of 128 countries.

Argentina Brazil Canada Czech Republic Denmark Germany Estonia England Spain France Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Switzerland Slovenia Finland Turkey USA


London Athletic Soccer Club has visited 36 of 128 countries.

Argentina Belgium Brazil Canada Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Denmark Germany England Spain France Greece Israel Italy Lithuania Hungary Mexico Netherlands Norway Oceania Austria Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Georgia Switzerland Slovenia Slovakia Finland Sweden Turkey USA

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