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Team Spirit is one of the key factors of a team's evolution. It's influenced by several factors, but it also has an impact, sometimes a quite large one, on other things.

What Team Spirit affects[edit]

Midfield ratings are affected by several factors. One of these factors is Team Spirit. The higher the team spirit, the better the midfield performs. And conversely, if team spirit is low, midfield ratings will lower. A successful Hattrick manager will regulate his/her Team Spirit to get the best results for the team, as midfield is a very important factor in many matches.

In real life football the atmosphere around a team is of great influence on its performance. If there is bad management or an incompetent coach this will have a negative effect on the way players feel and act on the pitch. In Hattrick this effect is represented by the Team Spirit.

The Team Spirit has a direct effect on the strength of a team's midfield. The actual midfield strength based on players abilities is increased or decreased according to the Team Spirit. The midfield strength of both teams determines the distribution of chances, so a high Team Spirit will boost your midfield and deliver you more regular chances.

At the start of each season, the Team Spirit is reset to a default level (composed). From there the actions of your club (transfers and playing PIC, Normal, or MOTS in matches) and your coach influence the rise and fall of the Team Spirit. Whatever you do Team Spirit is always trying to change back to composed. The leadership factor of your coach determines how fast it will change in that direction. A coach with high leadership will speed up the rate Team Spirit rises when below composed and slow down decrease in Team Spirit when above composed.

Team attitude towards match influences midfield rating :

Playing away 		100%
Playing at home 	119.892%
Playing CA 		93%
Playing PIC 		83.945%
Playing MOTS 		111.49%
Playing derby 		111.493% (*)

(*) away team only, the home team gets the 119.892%, as usual.

The influence of Team Spirit and attitude on midfield is:

Paradise on Earth! 122% 142% 162%
walking on clouds 116% 135% 154%
delirious 110% 128% 146%
satisfied 104% 121% 138%
content 98% 114% 130%
calm 92% 107% 122%
composed 87% 100% 113%
irritated 81% 93% 105%
furious 75% 86% 97%
murderous 63% 72% 81%

What affects team spirit[edit]

In turn, Team Spirit is affected by several factors:

  • When you buy a player, there is a chance that your TS may drop, depending of the player's character:
Popular/Sympathetic	 0% chances for a TS fall
Pleasant	 	30%	"
Controversial	 	47%	"
Nasty	 	 	69%	"
  • When you sell a player the chances for a TS drop are:
Popular	 		27% chances for a TS fall
Sympathetic	 	22%	"
Pleasant	 	12%	"
Controversial/Nasty	 0%	"

Boosting team spirit to the limit[edit]

If you need to improve your team spirit you can lower the training intensity. This practice is named The Nero Pill (aka SuperMOTS) after the user who studied it, the italian manager Nerone. Be careful, when you'll be back on 100% intensity TS will drop badly and you may suffer a bad effect on your players' forms. The best time to use the "pill" is to do the latest Thursday morning before the final season match (league big match or qualification match). In any case more than one pill for season is absolutely not recommended.

The Nero Pill usage:

  • Low training percentage on Thursday before the match (just before weekly training percentage update)
  • Set training to stamina to boost inner midfilders performance
  • Hire all possible sports psychologists
  • Set match of the season attitude (after this processing your players will run on the field till midnight barking at the moon!)
  • Set back training percentage to 100% after the match (more TS drop on Wednesday weekly update)
  • Wait for the season reset to have TS back to normal level

The entity of TS growth is not proportional to percentage riduction, but exponential. For example, if you lower training by 20% you will have a little effect, but with 60% the effect will be much bigger than three times. Thank to this, even if starting at the lowest TS level you can reach the top level just before training, and the drop is smaller than normal (because the weekly TS updates are fewer from Thursday to Saturday) and can be delirious high for the match, a level impossible to reach normally.

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