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In real life football the atmosphere around a team is of great influence on it's performance. If there is bad management or an incompetent coach this will have a negative effect on the way players feel and act on the pitch. In Hattrick this effect is represented by the Team Spirit.
The Team Spirit has a direct effect on the [[midfield ]] strength of a [[team]]. The actual midfield strength based on players abilities is increased or decreased according to the Team Spirit. The midfield strength of both teams determines the distribution of chances, so a high Team Spirit will boost your midfield and deliver you more [[chance]]s.
At the start of each [[season]] the Team Spirit is reset to a default level (composed). From then the actions of your club and your [[coach]] influence the rise and fall of the Team Spirit. Whatever you do Team Spirit is always trying to change back to composed. The [[leadership]] factor of your [[coach]] determines how fast it will change in that direction. A coach with high leadership will speed up the rate Team Spirit rises when below composed and slow down decrease in Team Spirit when above composed.
*Things that influence the Team Spirit:
#Playing [[Match of the Season|MOTS]] or [[Play it Cool|PIC]]
#[[TS-hit]]s when buying or selling player
#Bad management, like hiring too many [[staff]]
See also: [[Team spirit]]

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