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The team leader is the player (not coach) with the highest leadership. It was long thought that the team leader had either a positive or a negative effect on team spirit depending on his agreeability. A popular team leader would have the most positive effect on team spirit. However, this myth was busted in the Hattrick Mythbusters editorial.

When you have more than one player with the highest visible leadership factor, the team leader is determined by leadership sub-level, so it can be hard to know who is your team leader.

One theory about team leaders was that their effect on team spirit depended on the coach leadership. The lower the leadership of the coach the greater the effect of the team leader, for good or bad. The rules indicate that it might have worked like that.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 19
Leadership and agreeability are only applied to the player with the highest leadership factor, "the team leader". If this person is agreeable, the team atmosphere will be as well, and if he's nasty you might end up with a really nasty atmosphere in your squad. A coach with strong leadership abilities might counteract a disagreeable "team leader" amongst the players.

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