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About Team Names

As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name. The name of the team is its prime distinguish sign of other teams in Hattrick, as it is much easier to remember a name of a team, such as AC Milan or Manchester United, than an ID number (e.g. 340592).

Common Prefixes and Suffixes of Teams Around the World

  • Belgium - R. , KV, SC, VV, SV, SK, FC (or combinations such as RSC, KVSK, KSV, KSK, KFC, ...)
  • Brazil - FC, CR, SE, SC, EC
  • Denmark - FC, BK, IF, FK
  • England - FC, United, City, Rovers, Reserves
  • Germany - FC, SC, SpVgg, TUS, SV (or combinations FSV, HSV, SSV, TSV)
  • Israel - Maccabi, Beitar, Hapoel
  • Italy - AC, Inter
  • Norway - BK, FK, IF, IK, IL
  • Poland - KS, MKS, GKS
  • Romania - FC, FCM, CSM
  • Russia - FC, FK; Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA
  • Spain - Real, Atletico, Deportivo
  • Sweden - IFK, IF, IK, BK, IS, BOIS, FK
  • Netherlands - VV, FC, SC

Unique Team Names

In Hattrick's world, not all teams stick to a formula for names.

Special team names gives a unique flavour to Hattrick, and makes the game more enjoyable and personalised.

In the English speaking leagues, bad puns are always a favourite, as are names involving popular animals such as monkeys.

  • Israel - Maccabi Schnitzel (340592); flotzim (153810) ["farts" in Hebrew].
  • USA - Can't Be Worse Than Liverpool (71615); Greedy Orphans Fighting and Biting (222208); Split Perssonality (8220)
  • Peru - Once Vampiros Rojinegors (397177) (Eleven Red&Black Vampires); Shalala Billy (686858)

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