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About Team Names

As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name. The name of the team is its prime distinguish sign of other teams in Hattrick, as it is much easier to remember a name of a team, such as AC Milan or Manchester United, than an id number (e.g. 340592).

Common First/Surnames of Teams Around the World

  • England - FC, United
  • Israel - Maccabi, Beitar, Hapoel
  • Italy - AC, Inter
  • Russia - Lokomative
  • Spain - Real
  • Sweden - IFK

Unique Team Names

In Hattrick's world, not all teams stick to an uninanimous formulae (plural, as each state has its own common names). Special team names gives an extra flavour to Hattrick, and makes the game more personalized. [Editor's note: Feel free to add any unique names from around the globe, whilst of course explaining what is the meaning of thier names]

  • Israel - Maccabi Schnitzel, flotzim ("farts").

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