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==What Affects Team Spirit==
* [[Leadership]] of the [[Coach]]
* [[Transfers]]
** Buying a player with low [[agreeability]]
** Selling a player with high [[agreeability]]
* Agreeability of the [[Team Leader]]
* [[Team Attitude]] in matches
** Setting [[PIC]] will result in a bump in team spirit
** Playing [[Play it Normal|normal]] will not affect team spirit
** Setting [[MOTS]] will reduce team spirit by half its value
==What Team Spirit Affects==
[[Midfield]] ratings are affected by several factors. One of these factors is team spirit. The higher team spirit is, the better the midfield performs. And conversely, if team spirit is low, midfield ratings will lower. Team spirit also affects other parts of the field, although to a far lesser extent. A successful Hattrick manager will regulate his/her team spirit to get the best results for the team, as midfield is a very important factor in many matches.
In real life football the atmosphere around a team is of great influence on it's performance. If there is bad management or an incompetent coach this will have a negative effect on the way players feel and act on the pitch. In Hattrick this effect is represented by the Team Spirit.
The Team Spirit has a direct effect on the [[midfield ]] strength of a [[team]]. The actual midfield strength based on players abilities is increased or decreased according to the Team Spirit. The midfield strength of both teams determines the distribution of chances, so a high Team Spirit will boost your midfield and deliver you more [[chance]]s.
At the start of each [[season]] the Team Spirit is reset to a default level (composed). From then the actions of your club and your [[coach]] influence the rise and fall of the Team Spirit. Whatever you do Team Spirit is always trying to change back to composed. The [[leadership]] factor of your [[coach]] determines how fast it will change in that direction. A coach with high leadership will speed up the rate Team Spirit rises when below composed and slow down decrease in Team Spirit when above composed.
*Things that influence the Team Spirit:
#Playing [[Match of the Season|MOTS]] or [[Play it Cool|PIC]]
#[[TS-hit]]s when buying or selling player
#Bad management, like hiring too many [[staff]]
See also: [[Team spirit]]

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