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Clubname (1)
managed by Anonymous
Full name Full Name
Abbreviation FN
Nickname '
Location [[]], [[]]
League [[()|]]
Place Currently N/A
Homepage []
updated on: {{{lastupdate}}}
clubname self-explanatory
teamid Your User ID, can be found under Your Team
logouri A picture in this wiki' depicting the club logo. Leave blank if not existing.
Just type the file name, no wiki syntax! i.e. pic.png instead of [[File:pic.png]]
logoheight The maximum logo height in pixels. Defaults to 200 if left blank. (Useful for big logos.)
manager Who manages this team. In most cases a human player, so you can either link a wiki userpage or their hattrick profile.
fullname Full club name. If necessary, otherwise repeat clubname.
shortcut Presumably the club's abbreviation. Bad translation?
nickname self-explanatory - the club's nickname
founded self-explanatory
region self-explanatory - choose a Hattrick region
country self-explanatory - choose a Hattrick country. Mind different names and spellings, e.g. Chinese Taipei or Al Kuwayt
ground self-explanatory - name of the "stadium"
size capacity of the stadium
fanclub size or name of fanclub (not yet defined)
president self-explanatory
coach self-explanatory
league the league/group of the team, country data excluded
place current season ranking
homepage self-explanatory