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(as optional: full size flag, logo flags, alt name)
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{{ {{{1<noinclude>|country showdata</noinclude>}}}
{{ {{{1<noinclude>|country showdata</noinclude>}}}
| flag alias = Austria Österreich.png
| name      = Österreich
| alias = Österreich
| alias      = Austria
| size = {{{size|}}}
| flag alias = Flagicon Austria.png
| name = Österreich
| flag full  = Flag of Österreich.PNG
| altlink = {{{altlink|}}}
| flag logo  = Country data Austria.png
| size       = {{{size|}}}
| altlink   = {{{alt|}}}
| redir1 =
| redir1 = AUT
| redir2 = Austria
[[Category:Country data templates]]
[[Category:Country data templates]]

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[edit] Template documentation

Template:Country data Österreich is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others.

Full size flag of Austria (alternative)
Country logo

Standard parameters

Parameter nameValueMeaningLink
name Österreich Main article name (Österreich)
aliasAustriaEnglish name-
flag alias Flagicon Austria.png Flag icon(File:Flagicon Austria.png)
flag fullFlag of Österreich.PNGFull size flag(File:Flag of Österreich.PNG)
flag logoCountry data Austria.png"Ball" logo flag(File:Country data Austria.png)

Example usage

* {{flag|Austria}} Österreich
* {{flaglink|Austria}}Austria
* {{flagicon|Austria}}Austria
* {{flagfull|Austria|showlink}} Flag of Österreich.PNG
* {{flaglogo|Austria|size=x60px}}


This template can also be used via an alternative name (up to 5 and implemented as a redirect to this template):
Alternative name{{flag|alias}} output{{flaglink|alias}} output
AUT (view) ÖsterreichAustria
Austria (view) ÖsterreichAustria

Using a redirect alias

  • {{flagicon|AUT}}Austria
  • {{flaglink|AUT}}Austria
  • {{flag|AUT}} Österreich

This is the documentation for Template:Country data Österreich. It is automatically generated by Template:Country showdata.
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