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(Use parser functions to avoid showing a broken region location map bit if such is not specified.)
(Add parser function on regionid to make it so that special pages can be leveraged to find missing regionids, otherwise they produce malformed HT links.)
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| '''RegionID:'''
| '''RegionID:'''
|[http://www.hattrick.org/World/Regions/Region.aspx?RegionID={{{regionid}}} {{{regionid}}}]
|{{#if: {{{regionid|}}}|[http://www.hattrick.org/World/Regions/Region.aspx?RegionID={{{regionid}}} {{{regionid}}}]|[[File:no.regionid]]}}
| '''[[Hattrick Time|Time zone]]:'''
| '''[[Hattrick Time|Time zone]]:'''

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[[Image:{{{image_coat}}}|100px|Coat of {{{name_(english)}}}]]
Link to Wikipedia
Continent: [[{{{continent}}}]]
Zone: [[{{{zone}}}]]
Country: [[{{{country}}}]]
Latitude: {{{latitude}}}
Longitude: {{{longitude}}}
RegionID: File:No.regionid
Time zone: {{{htt_offset}}}