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Continent: [[{{{continent}}}]]
Zone: [[{{{zone}}}]]
Country: {{country data {{{country}}} country flag2 name = {{{country}}} variant = altlink = size =


Latitude: {{{latitude}}}
Longitude: {{{longitude}}}

Time zone: {{{htt_offset}}}

[edit] Template documentation


Parameter explanation

  | full_local_name   = official (local) name of the region in Hattrick
  | name_(english)    = name of the region in English
  | image_flag        = image of the regional flag (optional)
  | image_coat        = image of the regional coat of arms (optional)
  | image_map         = optional image with the location of the region on the globe
  | continent         = continent
  | zone              = Hattrick-zone where this country belongs (Western Europe, Eastern Europe...)
  | country           = country where the region belongs 
  | latitude          = as the name says (check your regional page @ hattrick.org)
  | longitude         = same as above
  | number_of_teams   = approximate number of teams (10k, 20k, 30k ...)
  | regionid          = id of the region in Hattrick (optional)
  | htt_offset        = offset to Hattrick time
  | footnotes         = additional notes (optional)

See Thüringen for an working example.


  • All the images needed (flag, map) can be obtained from the country's page at Wikipedia.