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(Apparently this version of mediawiki doesn't have default parameters for templates...)
(Put tactics on a different line from the lineup, as all lineup changes may take some space)
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|- align=left
|- align=left
| {{{lineup}}} {{{tactics}}}<br>
| {{{lineup}}}<br />{{{tactics}}}<br>
|''Midfield:'' || {{{midfield}}}<br>
|''Midfield:'' || {{{midfield}}}<br>

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{{{team}}}: {{{lineup}}}
Midfield: {{{midfield}}}
Right Defence: {{{right_defence}}}
Central Defence: {{{central_defence}}}
Left Defence: {{{left_defence}}}
Right Attack: {{{right_attack}}}
Central Attack: {{{central_attack}}}
Left Attack: {{{left_attack}}}

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: {{{isp_attack}}}
Defence: {{{isp_defence}}}