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Tennessee is a region in the USA defined by the borders of the State of Tennessee. It is currently ranked as the 30th most populated region of the US in the game.

Tennessee is known as the "Volunteer State", a nickname earned during the War of 1812 because of the prominent role played by volunteer soldiers from Tennessee. It is for this reason the annual cup is named the Volunteer State Cup.

Top teams in Tennessee

Rank Team Series
 14   ACL Tears   II.3 
 206   Stogies   IV.12 
 402   Army Chicks   IV.38 
 845   IMGs   V.30 
 892   Real Lebanon   V.246 
 1078   THE BLAST   V.106 
 1154   Southern Comfort   V.240 
 1222   Memphis Manglers   V.127 
 1545   Leanna Legion   V.222 
 1629   Hermitage War Eagles   V.193 

Other teams in Tennessee