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Team: Terrinator (48186)
Country: España (Spain)
City: Benidorm
Playing in the region: Comunitat Valenciana
Arena: Terrinator Arena (77.777)
President: Terrion
Foundation: 21/11/2002
Web page: http://www.formulamanager.com

  • Characteristics

Balanced team who doesn't like to throw the cup away.
Founder of the FEED - Federación Española de Entrenadores de Delanteros
Main administrator in Formula Manager

  • History

1st in V.99 season 11

1st in V.99 season 12

Cup: Round 9 season 15

Currently retired of Hattrick. You can find me in Sokker

  • Best players

- Juan Luis Cegarra

- Jorge Vicente Fernández (in Sweden)

- Alonzo Orbea (in Austria)

- Cavit Yazgı

  • Supporters

calixto, CN$, Real Sociedad S.A.D., Hail to the Thief, txupin, fuenlabrada cf, Charmed, açoesdeu, Eurodev, real indalo, EvilTeam*