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Texas is a region in the USA which comprises the area in the State of Texas outside of the Dalas/Ft. Worth and Houston metropolitan areas (which are covered by the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston regions). As of the end of Season 31, Texas is the sixth largest region in the U.S. with the fourteenth highest percentage of hattrick supporters.


Flag of Texas
Location of Texas
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Continent: North America
Zone: North America
Country:  USA
Latitude: 30°16' N
Longitude: 97°45' W
Number of teams: 310
Time zone: -7

The leading federation for Texas players is the Texas Consortium (alliance id: 2974) which holds the seasonal Texas Consortium Cup (currently beginning its eleventh season).

Top Ten Texas Teams

  • 1. Rizzo's Salesmen - 4th in II.1
  • 2. Racer X - 4th in III.16
  • 3. Tornado FC - 5th in III.9
  • 4. Cool Breezes - 5th in III.2
  • 5. Gutek Gdansk - 6th in III.3
  • 6. Radio Flyers - 1st in IV.24
  • 7. San Marcos Texans - 1st in IV.62
  • 8. SA Griffins FC - 2nd in IV.59
  • 9. The Right Foots - 2nd in IV.29
  • 10. Football Club - 3rd in IV.9

(As of the end of season 31)