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The Alliance was established in November 2003 when a group of users came together to form a federation in which they could discuss life, the universe, and everything in between.

Fast forward several months later, and the Alliance is now a hive of activity, with a large number of active users.

The Alliance's motto is "Strength Through Unity", and is one of Oceania's largest federations.

A Brief history

The Oceanian Confrence is in turmoil. The MODs and GMs are struggling to keep up with the spam of many users and it's become a place that few rational people like to visit. A group of rebels under the leadership of Envelopes, Nemesis1980, -rath- and Magnum_ decided to form a federation where they can chat with like minded folk without the usual crap that goes on in the OC. The 4th member Woosha asked several of his friends ... real life friends as well as those he often chatted to in the #IV.56 chat room ... to join up as well so that the federation can stay alive and many of those in turn invite other friends.

Before to long there were between 20-30 members and things were humming along nicely. Everyone seemed to share the same sense of humour ... fights were very rare ... knowledge was shared ... but it didn't take long for several of the "in jokes" that started in The Alliance to find their way into the OC and OC Non-HT confrences. More and more people wanted to join this Fed and although we were pleased with the upturn in numbers, we tried to keep to our policy of only letting in those who shared the same sense of humour and didn't take things to seriously. Before long a Black List was formed.

Membership still increased quickly and our numbers grew past the 100 member mark. But increasingly threads were started in the OC complaining because so-and-so wasn't let into our Fed. But in The Alliance people still talked openly about most things ... including these people who were jacked off about not being let in. Most people felt justified in poopooing these people's applications because of the way they acted like spoilt children when they weren't let in. But as time went by, it was inevitable that some of this talk would be leaked either purposely or inevertantly to those who were so vocal about not being alowed in. This is how what became known as the Alliance v Axis Wars started.

The Axis forces led by Dudley, -rogs- and -Finiqs- along with j0nesy started a big campaign in the OC about how truly evil the Alliance members were. "How dare they have negitive opinions about people like Dudekrulz, -rogs- and -Finiqs-!!!" was the catch cry and the Alliance copped plenty of flak in the OC. "They could be talking badly about you too in their Fed!!!" So in protest they formed The Axis to be a utopian federation where no one was talked about badly and anyone would be let in.

The Alliance numbers went down a little but despite the bad publicity, most members wanted to continue with not letting just anyone in the fed. Before to long, most of this was forgotten in the OC. Many think it's because a high % of OC regulars have the attention span of a goldfish ... other think it's because The Alliance secretly run HT and have been putting mind-supressing drugs into the watersupplies of the world. I like to think it's because despite seemingly overpopulation in this fed, a decent % of members here are very interesting, funny and mature people who have generally reacted well to the many hurdles this fed has had to cross.

There are other parts of our history I have passed over ... our small battle against one or two of the GTFO fed members over their bragging about block voting and game fixing ... ourselves being accused of block voting in Rep Team elections (silly seeing everytime it came up we had members filling to top 2-5 spots in the final results) ... internal competitions like Addy's YP Lucky Slap, the TalBourne Awards, Survivor, Alliance Cup etc ... TGS ... How Did I Looooose!!! ... and so on. But those are stories for another time :)

Alliance Competitions

The T.A.L.B.O.U.R.N.E Awards

The T.A.L.B.O.U.R.N.E Award is the Alliance's weekly youth pull competition and runs for a season. Named after The Alliance's first President due to his ability to pull amazing youth pulls early in the season.

The T.A.L.B.O.U.R.N.E Award - The Alliance Lucky Bastard at Once Underservedly Richer 'N Everyone Award.

Score will be calculated by: TSI + (Age Bonus) / 10 = T.A.L.B.O.U.R.N.E Award points for that player. Age Bonus : {17yo = 50 bonus points}{18yo = 20 bonus points}{19yo+ = zero bonus points} Keepers will have their TSI quartered (divided by 4) before age bonus calculation as no secondaries are required. YP's not posted by Wednesday 04:00 HT may not be counted.

A.D.R.I.A.N.G Awards

The now defunct A.D.R.I.A.N.G Awards were originally set up by Adriang after a user signed his guestbook saying they slapped his head for good luck in their Youth pull. Strangely enough, they were awarded with a youth pull worthy of Talbourne and the A.D.R.I.A.N.G awards became a weekly competition in which Adriang would listen to people's tales of woe and award a "slap of his wig" ot the winners.

The most surprising thing about the A.D.R.I.A.N.G Awards was that on several occasions, the slappers were rewarded with some very high quality youth pulls and the legend of the wig grew until Adriang became lethargic and deemed it that anyone who thought themselves worthy could slap the wig. It soon became clear that nobody thought they were worthy and the award disappeared.

Alliance soccertips Survivor

Started and controlled by The Alliance's Vice President, The weekly Soccertips survivor revolves around several matches being selected and participants having to predict the scores of the matches. Scores are tallied weekly and the member(s) whi find themselves at the bottom of the table each week are ejected from the Alliance and have to perform some tasks within the Hattrick conferences to be allowed back in.


Over the seasons, The Alliance has been involved in several controversies, both inside and outside of the federation.

The Blacklist

As the Alliance was originally conceived to get away from the Oceania Conference, it was inevitable that not everyone would be allowed into the Alliance. After a time, the amount of people who were deemed unworthy were noted down and a blacklist was formed. Originally listed in a member's signature (said user as smart enough to turn their sig off outside of the Alliance), it wasn't long before the list grew too big and was secretly added to the Alliance website. Sometimes the blacklist included people outside of hattrick, one well known case was "the horseface ginger fucking tpth76's ex".

GTFO and Verbal

While not directly related to the Alliance. Several Alliance members were the most outspoken about when former U20 Oceania manager Verbal colluded with other members of a group known as GTFO to win games that might have otherwise gone against him and also organising the first known "block voting" in Oceania to get Verbal his first U20 manager position.

Block Voting accusations

After some time, the Alliance had grown to a point where the amount of members could potentially sway the voting and make one of it's members either the Oceanian manager or U20 manager.

When election time came and the election for U20 was won by an Alliance member, accusations started to fly in the Oceanian Conference that The Alliance had block voted for the member. Considering that something like 7 od the top 10 candidates (icluding the first 3) were all Alliance members could do nothing to sway the doubters.

When an Alliance member then won the next Election, these same accustaions were again brought out with similar results.

Behind closed doors in the Alliance there had actually been polls on whether or not they should block vote and it was unanimously decided that it would not be in the interest of the fed and making 100 plus members vote for a certain manager would be impossible anyway.

The forming of the Axis

While now a friendly rivalry, the origins of the Axis can directly be traced back to the Alliance when posts made inside the federation forums made it out into the Oceanian conference. Some members of the Oceania Conference took offense to these posts and decided to make a federation directly opposing the Alliance and everything they thought it stood for. Things were to get worse before they got better and Alliance and Axis members frequently squared off in the Oceania conferences. Things have since cooled down and the only rivalry between the two federations is the "Alliance vs Axis Cup" which was a one week playoff between members of both federations at the end of Oceania's 14th season. The Alliance were comfortable winners and the Axis has apparently vowed revenge for season 15.