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The Aquabats (363090)
Managed by Vrolijke_Molenaar
Club information
LocationNoord Holland Nederland
ArenaThe Aquacave
Fan ClubThe Aquacadets

Aquabats is a Dutch club.


The Aquabats are inspired by an American Rock/Ska band from Orange Country sharing the same name[1] Running around on stage doing all kinds of heroïc deeds. The Aquabats on Hattrick too are performing heroïc deeds.


The Aquabats are managed by De_Vrolijke_Molenaar[2], which is the name of a song from a dutch band called de kift[3]. This manager is from holland himself and started playing at Christmas 2008.

The Coach

The Current Coach goes by the name Jesús Abascal. after a year of being a central midfielder and usually the captain, he decided to take a course for Coaching. Both in spain and dutch. The coach before him was Alfonso Diaz.

The Team

The current selection of players is

Nr. Position Name Country Date of Arrival Best rating
21. Goalkeeper Andrej Riečanský (173601807) Slovenia.gif Slovenija 11-04-2010 4
1. Goalkeeper Marlon Francella (178772771) Argentina.gif Argentina 07-10-2009 4
14. Defender Gehrt Daunke (274828501) Deutschland.gif Germany 04-02-2010 4
2. Defender Roar Barnøe (265837766) Denmark.gif Denmark 28-10-2009 4,5
4. Defender Jon Eidem (278733744) Flag Norway Norwegen.gif Norge 28-05-2010 3
17. Defender Chris Pach (272377075) Netherlands.gif The Netherlands 02-01-2010 4
6. Defender Harepeka Blair {(253033154) Flagicon Oceania.PNG Oceania 25-07-2009 5,5
15. Defender Pavle Praščević (275065173) Flagicon Serbia.png Srbija 13-05-2010 2,5
13. Defender Nizammeddin Ulukmanov (267165355) Flag Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgistan 11-01-2010 4
16. Defender Ruslan Pishchalnikov (266665751) Russia.gif Russia 21-11-2009 4
5. Def/Mid Sebastián Winter (252980448) Flagicon Chile.png Chile 21-03-2010 3,5
3. Def/Mid Steijn van Duiven (266078884) Netherlands.gif The Netherlands 06-03-2010 3,5
9. Winger Fred Skidmore (156009627) Costa rica.gif Costa Rica 03-01-2010 4
8. Midfielder Aleksander Majdzik (58973237) Poland.gif Poland 27-04-2010 2,5
22. Winger Krister Johansson (153933734) Flagicon Sweden.gif Sweden 12-09-2009 4
18. Midfielder Carel van Kolck (178357079) Netherlands.gif The Netherlands 10-04-2010 5,5
7. Midfielder Jannik Trede (99494131) Deutschland.gif Germany 04-09-2009 4,5
20. Mid/Coach Jesús Abascal (133537063) Flag espania spain.gif Spain 29-06-2009 3,5
19. Midfielder Marcelo Bezerrão (209547218) Brazil.gif Brazil 11-04-2010 5
10. Forward Andro Fuštin (165894955) Bosnia.gif Bosnia and Herzegovina 06-04-2010 5
21. Forward Ewald Klaas (186169341) Deutschland.gif Germany 19-02-2010 4
11. Forward Lenny Kouwenaar (148498160) Netherlands.gif The Netherlands 14-06-2010 6
23. Forward Fuat Aşir (209738615) Turkey Türkiye.png Turkey 12-04-2010 4,5


The Aquabats! currently support 5 teams

A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say.

When your boss plays the same game, you are in.

The longest guy around, some say he only hires black guys.

He is there when the green is here.


  • Season 26

Just a new team at the end of this season, ended 3rd in the X.347

  • Season 27

2nd in the X.347 just behind the deserved winner, The Uppies[4], who are due to promote in season 29 and 30.

  • Season 28

Also 2nd. Bad luck against newcomer Matrix Effect costed the championship in the X.347

  • Season 29

Finally promotion to IX.1961, 1st without any defeats.

  • Season 30

Peace of cake. With no losses and only 1 draw, this is a guaranteed promotion.


All home matches played by the Aquabats are being played in the Aquacave. It has 20 000 places.