The Fighting Irish Celts

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The Fighting Irish Celts
28755 t1.jpg.gif
TFIC logo
Club Details
Club Name: The Fighting Irish Celts
Nickname/s: TFIC
Established: 09-01-2003
President: Mashup
Current Series: Scotland III.1
Previous Season (26): 4th in III.1
Region: Strathclyde
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland Scotland
Symbol: Notre Dame Leprechaun
Fan Club: Fighting Irish
Match Kits TFICkits.png
Titles: 4
SPL Titles: 0
Scottish Cup Titles: 1
Hattrick Masters Appearances: 1
Top Goal Scorer Awards: 7
Wish You Were Here
(80.000 seater)

The Fighting Irish Celts

The Fighting Irish Celts (TFIC) are a Scottish Cup Champion Hattrick club owned by Mashup who play in Series III.1 of Scotland.

Their most successful year was season 20 where not only did they secure Scottish Premier status their first season up but they also lifted the Scottish Cup. The following year they won their opening tie in the Hattrick Masters and got to the second round. Despite the Masters distraction TFIC finished a remarkable 2nd in the Scottish Premier, their highest ever finish. TFIC spent four seasons in the top flight maintaining their status as a Scottish Premier club. After this highly successful spell owner Mashup decided to rebuild the team and they ended up in Series III.3 which is now their current home.


Scottish Cup Winner

Season 20 - Scottish Cup Champions Scotland

Scottish League Titles

Season 11 - III.13 Champions Scotland

Season 18 - III.15 Champions Scotland

Season 19 - II.1 Champions Scotland

Season 25 - III.1 Champions Scotland

Season - Top goal scorer:

Season 7 - Tore Persson Flagicon Sweden.gif III.13

Season 9 - Fernando Fernández Mexico.gif III.13

Season 10 - Octavian Sandu Romania.gif III.13

Season 11 - Daniel Duarte Flag espania spain.gif III.13

Season 13 - Anders Zetterblom Flagicon Sweden.gif III.15

Season 15 - Klement Lebedev Russia.gif III.15

Season 18 - Azahar bin Mohamad Nawi Flag Malaysia.png III.15

Scottish Premier

(Current) Season 27

National Team Players

List of Coaches



Celtic Supporters Federation

Mashup is Jock Stein, Chief Officer of the CSF.

Buy Scottish Federation

Mashup is the Chairman of the BSF