The Global Travel Federation

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The Global Travel Federation (18900)
The Global Travel Federation
Chief Officer Furix
Founding date 08-02-2005
Members 86 (on 12-03-09)
Languages English

For all those people who love to travel around the globe!

Founded on the 8th of February 2005, this federation can be used for the exchange of travel-information, tip-offs, local things to do and see or just to talk about places and travel experiences. The more people, the more knowledge, the more fun!

Message from the Federation: We can welcome more and more people! Great! I you have any ideas about topics or just in general, let me know. Hope to see you on the conference, Furix.

Travfed Cup[edit]

The Travfed Cup has been played six times. In all those seasons it has mostly been dominated by 3 teams:

  • IBN of manager Dwarrel, record holder with 4 titles and 2 second places as well
  • VV Paterswoldemeervogels of manager Mauritss, winning the first and third edition
  • Torslunde-Ishøj IF, winner of the fourth and fifth editions

Edition # teams Winner Runner-up Final result Link
I 12 VV Paterswoldemeervogels IBN 6-0
II 16 IBN Seeland PenguINS 4-0 Cup Manager
III 24 VV Paterswoldemeervogels IBN 5-3 Cup Manager
IV 24 Torslunde-Ishøj IF IBN 7-1 Cup Manager
V 32 Torslunde-Ishøj IF Brandy CF 2-1 Cup Manager
VI 24 Renton Round The World RebEleven 4-1 Cup Manager
VII 24 Seeland PenguINS FC Marabunta 6-0 Cup Manager
VIII 24 IBN Dr Fred's Purple Tentacles 1-0 Cup Manager
IX 24 IBN RebEleven 4-3 Cup Manager
X 24 IBN F.C. Glunggmoos 5 - 0 Cup Manager

Where is this place? - Quiz[edit]

On the forum we play a quiz where you have to guess the city and country where a picture was taken. These pictures are published on the internet, most of the times on Flickr. The winner gets to post a new picture. Leader in the standings since the dawn of time is Calem.