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For all those people who love to travel around the globe!

Founded on the 8th of February 2005, this federation can be used for the exchange of travel-information, tip-offs, local things to do and see or just to talk about places and travel experiences. The more people, the more knowledge, the more fun!

Message from the Federation: We can welcome more and more people! Great! I you have any ideas about topics or just in general, let me know. Hope to see you on the conference, Furix.

Abbreviation TRAVFED
AllianceID 18900
Chief Officer President Furix
Founding date 08-02-2005
Members 138
Languages English

Travfed Cup

The Travfed Cup has just finished it's third season. In all seasons it has been dominated by 2 Dutch teams:

  • VV Paterswoldemeervogels of manager Mauritss, winning the first and third edition
  • IBN of manager Dwarrel, reaching all the finals and winner of the second edition

IBN - VV Paterswoldemeervogels 0-6
IBN - Seeland PenguINS 4-0
IBN - VV Paterswoldemeervogels 3 - 5

Where is this place? - Quiz

On the forum we play a quiz where you have to guess the city and country where a picture was taken. These pictures are published on the internet, most of the times on Flickr. The winner gets to post a new picture. Leader in the standings since the dawn of time is Calem.