The King of Sand Dunes

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The King of Sand Dunes

Very few people realise how much the 182th moon has done for the hattrick community in the Midlands. Moon has spent hours, days and nights chasing potential hattrick players up and down the pavements of England. He is also widely recognised as the greatest sand dune expert this world has ever seen. Using hattrick as a base he has lifted the global awareness of the many sand dunes issues that so directly effect or affect the daily life of so many people. In his most famous study he showed how sand dunes sometimes decide to pull back and concentrate on their own defence.

Lunar Eclipse

Moon13.4907376squared was once responsible for an army of (at its peek) 10 moons signed up to hattrick, but unfortunately the numbers have since dwindled to two. This is partly because he is one of the worst mentors ever to have played the game of hattrick, and partly because they were all crap. Only one of his satellite proteges ever became a hattrick supporter and joined the 5th Slot Fed, and none have ever been promoted from their league.