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The Unstopabbles
Team Profile
Team ID: 31396
Country: India Flag_of_India.PNG
Region: Delhi
Arena: The Battlefield
Fan Club: The Unstopabble Army
Youth Academy: The Mini-Unstopabbles
Youth Arena: The Playground
The Manager
HT-Username: arsenalian
Gender: Male
Nationality: Template:Flag/India
Joined: 01-19-2009
Prize Shelf
Series Champion IV.56 Season 27

The Unstopabbles is a Hattrick team based in Delhi (India). it was established on the 19th of January 2009 by Karun Singh (Alias: arsenalian).


arsenalian is an Indian manager and the owner of The Unstopabbles. He is also a scout for the U20 and NT of India. Assim founded 'UEFA - One Club, One Member' federation and is currently the Fed Head.

About Assim

Assim Al-Marhuby was born on the 11th of July 1991, and he is living in Muscat, Oman.
After hearing a lot about Hattrick from people, he wanted to join in Oman but couldn't find it in the list, so after a while when Oman was introduced in Hattrick, Assim decided to join Hattrick and named his team Oman FC.

Oman Federation

Oman Federation is Oman's most important federation, it's a place where Omani NT/U20 staff discuss different aspects of developing Oman. Assim is the president of Oman Federation and is also the founder.

Challenge Federation

Assim is the Vice-President of the Challenge Federation and in charge of the Challenge Federation's website

National Team Oman

Assim was appointed as the national coach of Oman in season 40 (Oman season 10) after winning the elections with 6 out of 6 votes which is 100% of the votes.

GameMaster Duties

Assim was appointed as a GameMaster on the 28th of January 2010, and is currently a GameMaster for some Asian and African countries.

Moderator Duties

Assim was appointed as a Moderator on the 3rd of February 2009 and is a Moderator for 15 countries which are: Oman, Al Iraq, Al Kuwayt, Al Urdun, Al Yaman, Bahrain, Dawlat Qatar, Lubnan, Saudi Arabia, Suriyah, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.

Editor Duties

Assim is also a Hattrick Press Editor since the 23th or September 2008 with the other first batch of editors. He's also in charge of Hattrick Press of Oman and some deals with other Arabic countries.

Arabian Peninsular Cup

Assim is the cup organizer for the Arabian Peninsular Cup which is a national team tournament.

Hattrick Community

The Hattrick Community is the best part in Hattrick, and Assim made lots of friends from many of the Hattrick countries. It seems that Hattrick isn't just a game, after all.

Season Table

Global Season Oman Season My Season Series Place Cup Round Promotion / Relegation
41 11 11 II.3 2nd (ongoing) Round 4 (Round of 16) Lost qualification and not promoted
40 10 10 II.3 1st Round 6 (Semi-final)
39 9 9 II.3 2nd Round 1 (Round of 128)
38 8 8 Al-Dawry Al-Omani 7th Round 5 (Quarter-final) Relegated to II.3
37 7 7 II.2 1st Round 5 (Quarter-final) Won qualification and promoted
36 6 6 II.2 2nd Round 4 (Round of 16)
35 5 5 II.2 4th Round 4 (Round of 16)
34 4 4 II.2 2nd Round 3 (Round of 32)
33 3 3 II.2 3rd Round 3 (Round of 32)
32 2 2 II.2 5th Round 3 (Round of 32) Won qualification and not relegated
31 1 1 II.2 6th Not participated Won qualification and not relegated


Oman FC has had many records over the seasons, some are national while some are globally recognised.

Hattrick's most supported teams, 17 July 2009
9th Most Supported Team: Oman FC only had 51 supporters on the 8th of July 2009 which made it Oman's top supported team. Oman FC was looking to become one of the most supported teams of Hattrick, supporters from all over the world came to support Oman FC. On the 11th of July 2009, Oman FC was the 15th most supported team of Hattrick with 317 supporters. Two days later, it was the 13th of July 2009, Oman FC had 388 supporters and was Hattrick's 13th supported team. Oman FC went 3 steps higher in after three days and became the 10th most supported team of Hattrick by the 16th of July 2009 with 465 supporters. Oman FC decided to stop it's journey of collecting supportings by the 17th of July 2009, but even though, Oman FC went a step higher and was Hattrick's 9th most supported team with 475 supporters during that day, but Oman FC didn't continue after that and decided to stop right there.
Oman's wealthiest teams, 19 May 2009
Oman's Wealthiest Team: On the 19th of May 2009, Oman FC was Oman's wealthiest team of Oman with a cash fund of 10 525 634 rial which is equivalent to 21 051 268 euros. Oman FC was the first Omani team to have more than 10 million rials (20 million euros) in the bank, and was the richest team of Oman at that time.


Season 1

Oman FC made it's debut in the Oman II.2 series but didn't start from the begining of the season, but Oman FC played the last two league matches of the season. This season was the first season Oman was introduced to Hattrick. Oman FC lost the remaining two matches at that time, but luckily Oman FC ended up in the 6th position which gave Oman FC a chance to stay in the II.2 unless the qualification match is lost, and the good thing is that the opposition was a bot and was easily won by Oman FC who was able to stay in the II.2 division.

Season 2

Oman FC tried to strengthen the team so that it can compete in the II.2 division, but that wasn't an easy task, the fight for a good place at the end of the season was always on but Oman FC ended up 5th and played a qualification match, the match was won since it was against a bot, so Oman FC was still in the II.2 division without being relegated. Oman FC also participated in Ka'as Al-Soltan Qaboos (Cup) and was knocked out of the cup in the 3rd round.

Season 3

Oman FC has worked very hard to improve and get a better place, and all the hard work finally payed off as Oman FC did very well, many good players were bought, and all of that helped Oman FC end up third in the league. Oman FC was also knocked out in 3rd round of Ka'as Al-Soltan Qaboos (Cup).

Season 4

As usual, the team was knocked out of the of Ka'as Al-Soltan Qaboos (Cup) in round 3, but after BAYERN OMAN promotion to Al-Dawry Al-Omani, and Barca Saham's relegation, things became much easier than the previous season as Oman FC ended up in 2nd place in the II.2 with 12 wins in 14 league matches, with a 0-2 loss , and a 2-2 draw against GLACIER F.C. after a great comeback from being 2 goals down.
Oman FC's rank was 13 this season, which means that the team is the best 2nd placed team the II compared to the other 3 2nd placed teams from II.1, II.3, and II.4.
The defence and attack was without a doubt strengthend compared to last season, Oman FC scored 70 goals unlike Season 3 where the club only scored 45 goals, and the defence was so strong that only 7 goals was conceded (4 goals from GLACIER F.C.) unlike in the previous season where 20 goals were conceded.
This season also saw the retirement of Gu Wah Chiu and Roland Everts, they can both be seen in the club's Hall of Fame.

Season 5

This season had many good and bad stuffs at the same time. To start it out, Oman FC reached Round 4 of the Cup (Round of 16) for the first time in the team's history, and then after drawing 2-2 at Sohar's Grand Stadium against Sohar's Mighty Camels in the first match of the league which meant that there was a big chance of winning the second division trophy, and things went good until Week 6 when Muscat Socceroos won 0-2. So, after Week 7, Oman FC decided to relegate to the III series, so all the players were sold, and all the staff were fired, and Oman FC just kept on losing by walkovers, unfortunately, relegation was impossible when it was Week 13, so that means Oman FC will be staying for another season in the II.2. But at the end, it's a good thing, Oman FC rebuilt the whole team again to get ready for the upcoming season.

Season 6

It wasn't a great season despite ending up 2nd in the II.2 series, with 10 wins, 3 draws, and a loss, MANUTD4EVER was ahead of Oman FC at the top by 7 points. MANUTD4EVER won the first match 5-0 which is totally deserved, but in the second match, it ended up 3-3 even after Oman FC were in the lead by 3 goals. But at the end, it was MANUTD4EVER who showed that he deserved to win the series.
As for the cup, everything seemed to be fine until the round 4 match (round of 16) where F.C. Masqat was able to win the match by penalties, this will remain as one of the saddest moments as the dream of reaching to the quarter-final has been scattered.
Oman FC's main goal is to win the series in the next season and promote to Al-Dawry Al-Omani, and of course Oman FC will try to reach the quarter-finals (Roung 5) of the cup in the upcoming season.

Season 7

This is one of the most successful season Oman FC has ever had before. The first important thing was that Oman FC was able to reach the quarter-final (Round 5) of the Cup for the first time. Another good thing is that Oman FC has a good midfield but was no match for Muscat Socceroos and MC.Boys' attack and defence, but the good thing is that despite all that, Oman FC wins the II.2 league for the first time and was able to beat MC.Boys 0-2 at the MC.Boys Arena, and was able to beat Muscat Socceroos 3-4 at the Muscat Socceroos Arena. On the other hand, Oman FC lost 0-1 at Oman National Stadium against Muscat Socceroos. Oman FC intentionally drew with MC.Boys 0-0 after playing in a defensive formation to secure the title. Oman FC then had a qualification match against M.S.Q FC which ended 0-2 and it made Oman FC promote to Al-Dawry Al-Omani for the first time in the team's history. This season was more than a perfect season for Oman FC.

Season 8

Oman FC promoted to Al-Dawry Al-Omani for the first time in the team's history after beating Al-Dawry Al-Omani's 6th placed team M.S.Q FC by two goals. Oman FC wanted to achieve something like 6th or 5th place in Al-Dawry Al-Omani after promotion but the back-to-back losses made Oman FC think that they are not top division material and thus decided to save money and go down to the second division. In the cup, Oman FC reached the 5th round (Quarter-final). Oman FC finished 7th in the league and relegated to the II.3 division.
On the other hand, Oman FC saved some money during the stay in Al-Dawry Al-Omani which will hopefully be useful for the next promotion. Oman FC are now looking to collect enough money and hopefully promote to Al-Dawry Al-Omani, but that time won't be for surviving relegation, but to win silverware.

Season 9

Season 9 was Oman FC's weirdest season after getting knocked out of the cup from the first round for the first time ever in the history of the club, all this for the purpose of flag chasing, and Oman FC also lost the first 4 matches of the league and didn't care about winning when ending up at the bottom side of the league, Oman FC then decided to spend the money and get new players, and also promote at the same time if it was possible. Oman FC tried very hard to go higher and higher but couldn't go higher than 2nd place. Now that Oman FC is hungry for winning trophies, the team will try their best to promote and achive good results in the upcoming season.

Season 10

The most remarkable thing that happened in this season was that Oman FC reached the cup semi-final for the first time in the history of the club. The aim was to win the cup but the semi-final was the farthest round Oman FC could go. Apart from that, Oman FC won the second division trophy for the second time, first after winning it in season 7 in the II.2 league, and now again in the II.3 league.

Memorable Matches

Here are some of the memorable matches that Oman FC have played.

Oman FC 1-0 GLACIER F.C.
Date: 09-16-2007 16.40
Match ID: 136806329
Arena: Camp Nou (Currently "Oman National Stadium")
Crowd: 17000
I was facing one of the strongest teams in my league, and winning even though by 1 goal means a lot as I took all 3 points from this game, and all what made me win this match is the golden corner kick chance which was headed by Roland Everts (Can be seen in the Hall Of Fame), and knowing that GLACIER's defense was strong, I just used my mind in playing 4-5-1 to stop GLACIER from scoring and just hope I could get out without conceding and that's exactly what happened.

Oman FC 1-7 beltxis
Date: 02-20-2008 16.40
Match ID: 158884138
Arena: Pandemonium (Currently "Oman National Stadium")
Crowd: 6447
This match very memorable to Oman FC for two things, first of all because Oman FC is celebrating their first year in Hattrick, and second of all is seeing beltxis come and play against you celebrating the first year.
beltxis are the record holders in the Venezuelan league and the Venezuelan cup and they are without a doubt Hattrick's greatest team under the ownership of simontxo, they have also won the Hattrick Masters.

Sohar's Mighty Camels 2-2 Oman FC
Date: 03-02-2008 16.40
Match ID: 168129683
Arena: Sohar's Grand Stadium
Crowd: 35196
This is one of the most exciting matches that Oman FC have played, and it was the first match of the 5th season in the II.2 series, and what made it great is that Sohar's Mighty Camels who has been relegated is facing me, and what a hard match it was.
After Oman FC had the 1-2 lead by half-time, Sohar equalized in the 70th minute to make both teams share the points.

Oman FC 4-6 F.C. Masqat
Date: 07-09-2008 16.40
Match ID: 187035842
Arena: Pandemonium (Currently "Oman National Stadium")
Crowd: 52492
This was Round 4 of the Cup for Season 6 and it's a memorable match after giving the 2nd placed team of Oman a very tough match, and it was clear that F.C. Masqat was the strongest and the favourite to win the match, and even though after they managed to win it, their victory came late until I hold them up in full time for 90 minutes after the score was 2-2, and then for another 30 minutes of extra-time, but until we reached the penalty, they managed to win the game.

Date: 08-31-2008 16.40
Match ID: 183607558
Arena: Pandemonium (Currently "Oman National Stadium")
Crowd: 61869
This is the 3rd head to head match between Oman FC and MANUTD4EVER, as we both met in the 3rd season in the cup but unfortunately I was knocked out by losing 0-5 against MANUTD4EVER, and then the other match came in the 6th season, and I also lost 5-0 again, but in the same season, I was very serious and I wanted to win it so badly, so I was fully prepared for this match and did as my team scored 3 goals in a 2 minute time span to put my team in the lead in the 27th by 3 goals to nothing. Later on, MANUTD4EVER pulled up a goal before half time, but what which wasn't expected is that MANUTD4EVER scored 2 late goals after that to make the score 3-3 which should have been a deserved win for Oman FC, but at the end it's football and anything can happen.

Date: 09-16-2008 19.20
Match ID: 189514572
Arena: Pendolo Arena
Crowd: 3697
This is a friendly match played in Italy which was played for my 17th birthday, but even though my birthday was 2 months before the match, the only problem was the cup and the tight schedule.

Muscat Socceroos 3-4 Oman FC
Date: 10-26-2008 16.40
Match ID: 199367052
Arena: Soccerroos Arena
Crowd: 42913
This match was full or nervousness and was the derby everybody has been waiting for. Oman FC started off with an early goal thanks to Rune Wit until Socceroos' Antonio Butera scores 2 goals to put the Socceroos in the driving seat. Ingolf Schaum then scores the equalizer and keeps the score until Abbas El-Faysal of Socceroos scores the 3-2 goal. Oman FC were now beaten until the 85th minute and in the 88th minute when two late goals were scored by Oman FC from Felipe Guedeja and Rasul Zholtayev who secured 3 points for Oman FC in the last 5 minutes of the game.


Oman National Stadium
  • Name: Oman National Stadium
  • Region: Masqat
  • Capacity: 105000

  • Highest attendance: 79884
  • Lowest attendance: 97

The arena which was formerly called Camp Nou and Pandemonium has been changed to Oman National Stadium after a huge renovation which made it become the largest stadium in Oman.


GM-Assim is currently Oman's top achiever.

Date Achievement Points
02-28-2007 Pulled a youth player 10 Team
02-28-2007 Bought player 10
03-03-2007 Sold player 10
03-05-2007 Team was ranked amongst the top 50 50
03-22-2007 Rebought a former youth player 10
02-15-2008 Sold a rebought youth player 10
03-12-2008 Advanced from round 3 in the Cup 10
06-08-2008 Total TSI of the squad exceeded 300000 20
03-01-2009 Cash is king 35
03-02-2009 Fan club size exceeded 3000 members 30
05-05-2009 Promoted player to Hall Of Fame 15
05-10-2009 Sold a youth player 10
03-07-2007 Played international friendly match 10 Matches
11-12-2008 Youthful lineup 35
11-19-2009 Veteran lineup 35
01-18-2009 Team reached more than 50 stars in a match 20
03-01-2009 Home-grown lineup 25
08-09-2009 Team reached an average match rating of passable 8
03-01-2007 Wrote a forum post 10 Manager
03-18-2007 Wrote a press announcement 10
06-15-2007 Founded federation, received more than 10 members 10
03-22-2009 Honest Squad 15 Special Awards
04-19-2009 Nice Squad 15
04-19-2009 Dishonest Squad 15
04-26-2009 Nasty Squad 15
Total 453

Flag Collection


60 countries hosted
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12 countries visited
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