The Unstopabbles

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The Unstopabbles
Team Profile
Team ID: 31396
Country: India Flag_of_India.PNG
Region: Delhi
Arena: The Battlefield
Fan Club: The Unstopabble Army
Youth Academy: The Mini-Unstopabbles
Youth Arena: The Playground
The Manager
HT-Username: arsenalian
Gender: Male
Nationality: Template:Flag/India
Joined: 01-19-2009
Prize Shelf
Series Champion IV.56 Season 27

The Unstopabbles is a Hattrick team based in Delhi (India). it was established on the 19th of January 2009 by Karun Singh (Alias: arsenalian).


arsenalian is an Indian manager and the owner of The Unstopabbles. He is also a scout for the U20 and NT of India. Assim founded 'UEFA - One Club, One Member' federation and is currently the Fed Head.