Through passes

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Improves the passing ability of your central defenders, wingbacks, inner midfielders and wingers. This done by about 1% of the managers. Note that short passes also trains the passing skill, for different players.


  • You can train up to 20 players by using 4-5-1, 5-4-1, or even 5-5-0 formations.
  • It trains all players except goalkeepers and forwards.
  • Suitable for teams who train defenders and midfielders.
  • Recent changes in the game engine are encouraging multiskilled players so all teams need to concentrate more on secondary skills such as passing than previously.


  • Relatively slow training rate.
  • Trains only Secondary Skill, Passing, which is seen by some to be non-profitable.
  • Requires primary skill to be competitive, thus requiring more investment.
  • Not obvious performance improvement in league or friendly games.