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Flag of Timiş_County
Location of Timiş_County
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Eastern Europe
Country:  România
Latitude: 45°45' N
Longitude: 21°13' E
Number of teams: 850
Time zone: +1


Timiş (engl. Timis) is the most western county of Romania. In Hattrick this region has the ID 1528. Timiş is the 7th most popular romanian region with 3.1% of total romanian Hattrick managers while it only has 2.95% of the Romania's population. This region wasn't from the very beginning of the Romanian Hattrick league so the oldest managers from Timiş played in some other regions before.

Hall of Fame

No team from Timiş won Divizia A or the Romanian Cup yet but we can't wait to add something here as soon as possible.

Still, FC Kag (34253) was in serie II.3 in romanian season 7 and in II.1 in Romanian season 11 while Larry Fotbal Club (34571) succeded to stay in serie II.2 in Romanian season 14.
Also, FC Kag (34253) made it up to the semifinals of Romanian Cup in Romanian season 14.

Best Teams of Timiş

  • wfa (35900) - (III.10)
  • Larry Fotbal Club (34571) - (III.10)
  • Adi United (36409) - (IV.10)
  • Taby F.C. (35538) - (IV.18)
  • infin (36153) - (IV.12)
  • RomTelecom (180160) - (IV.40)
  • FC Kag (34253) - (IV.15)
  • Haita Rosie (35288) - (IV.47)
  • POLI 'Mândria Vestului' (179289) - (IV.13)
  • Halosii (181068) - (IV.57)