Tombstone Titans

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Tombstone Titans (8460)
Managed by Tornado
Club information
LocationCalifornia USA
Fan ClubThe Deputies

The Tombstone Titans were owned by Tornado, and still hold the record in the US for most US Open Cup victories with four, edging out Kansas City Wizards, who have three. The team was also the Season 26 Major League champion, accomplishing this the same season they won their fourth cup. The Titans are the third team to accomplish The Double in USA history.

Early in season 27, Tornado unleashed a bombshell on the US Conference by revealing that the most feared US team in this male infested game, was in fact steered by a female ex-pat Swede.

Titans has been home to some of the most notable and notorious (Jamie Meador) players in the USA league. Probably the most well known of all is Jude Sutherland, veteran ex-USA National Squad goalkeeper, known for his untimely, frequent and painfully long injuries.

Tornado has retired from the game, and the team was retired on 18 February 2008.

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