Toukta Tabin

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Personal Information
Full name Toukta Tabin
Nickname Unknown
Country  Mongol Uls
Position DEF
Speciality Spec2Quick.png Quick
Club Information
Current club Retired
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Mongolia Uvs city FC _?_(?)
Germany 1. FC Fröbel _?_(?)
Romania Wild RoseS _?_(?)
Spain benjur _?_(?)
Spain Solares CF _?_(?)
Finland Nallina Suina _?_(?)
Hungary Talicskás Fc _?_(?)
Russia akano _?_(?)
Latvia Alūksnes eņģeļi _?_(?)
Italy A.C. BONATE SOTTO _?_(?)
Denmark Oxforddown _7_(1)
Italy U.S. Irpinia _7_(2)
Ukraine NUCK _?_(?)
National Team
Mongolia Under 20 _24_(?)
Mongolia Mongolia _89_(?)
Global Seasons Team Games
Ukraine NUCK

Toukta Tabin (145704345) was a Mongolian Under20 and NT player and trainer. He was 1 time the seasonal top scorer of U.S. Irpinia.


Toukta Tabin.jpg

(U.S. Irpinia's time)

Memorable moments

  • 09-02-2007 20:00 Gained his first cap as he debuts for the National A squad of Mongol Uls.
  • 30-03-2007 20:00 Made his debut in the National squad for U-20 Mongol Uls.