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*2006  - [[Fc sammie de cavia|Sammie de Cavia]]
*2006  - [[Fc sammie de cavia|Sammie de Cavia]]
* [[Tour de Spam 2005]]
* [[Tour de Spam 2006]]

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Tour de Spam, powered by Sealand.
Tour de Spam
Local name Le Tour de Spam
Region Sealand
Date June/July
Type Spam Race
General Director Sammie de Cavia
First edition 2005
Number of editions 2 (2006)
First winner QS-LoneDrinker
Most wins QS-LoneDrinker
Latest winner QS-LoneDrinker
(2005 edition)
Most career Yellow Jerseys QS-LoneDrinker
Most career stage wins QS-LoneDrinker

Tour de Spam

The Tour de Spam is the most famous and prestigious spam tournement in the Hattrick-World. It has been held annually since 2005 and is contested over the course of 2 weeks each June or July. It is a competition for professional spammers, travelling through the topics of Sealand. The winner is the individual rider who finishes the Tour de Spam with the most posts in the topics.


Apart from the overall competition of winning the Tour de Spam, each edition of the race has other classifications, the Finish sprints, the sprints, best youth and the mountain competitions. Tallied at the end of each stage, the current leaders of the three competitions are required to wear a corresponding, distinctly coloured, jersey during the next topic. Jerseys are awarded in a ceremony immediately following each topic, sometimes before trailing riders have finished the stage.

  • Gele-trui.gifGeneral - Yellow jersey: The user with the most posts in all the official topics is the winner of the General Classement and wins the Yellow jersey.
  • Groene-trui.gifFinish Sprints - Green jersey: At the finish (post 1000) you can get points. The one who gets the most posts around the number 1000 in all the topics, wins the green jersey.
  • Bolletjes-trui.gifClimber - Polka Dot jersey: punten worden gescoord aan de top van de diverse klims
  • Witte-trui.gifBest Youth - Witte trui: Every user that became member of Sealand after 1 january, and have the posts posts all the official topics, can win the white jersey.
  • Rode-trui.gifSprints - Red jersey: The user that get the most posts with the numbers: 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 750, 800, 900 and 950, in all the topics, wins the red jersey.
  • Best Team: - The team with the most points and posts is the best team.

Important Rules

  • It's not allowed to you "Multiwindowspam". It's forbidden. If you you do it, and the organisation see it, you loose all the points you win in that topic. And be warned for the next time.
  • If you still do it, for the second time, all your points will be taken in all the
  • If it will happen a third time, you will be disqualificated from the whole tournement. Your team will loose one teammember. All your points will be taken off, and it will be forbidden to participate at the next topics.


Tour de Spam
2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011
 Gele-trui.gif Yellow jersey  | Groene-trui.gif Green jersey  |  Bolletjes-trui.gifPolka dot jersey  |  Witte-trui.gif White jersey

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