Tour de Spam 2005

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Eindstand Tour de Spam 2005
Klassement LoneDrinker 613 points
Tweede Robigoal 514 points
Derde jaspergod 477 points
Rode Lantaarn Mavuba 2 posts
Puntenklassement Swiebie 61 points
Tweede Gelderheld 53 points
Derde Manhattan 51 points
Bergklassement Mod-Palomar 70 points
Tweede Swiebie 55 points
Derde Bolle aap 50 points
Rode Trui Swiebie 24 points
Tweede Lightsun 9 points
Derde Gelderheld 6 points
Ploegenklassement Quickspam 1432 points
Tweede Domina-Vakantie 1034 points
Derde T-Modbile 952 points

The 2005 Tour de Spam was the first Tour de Spam, taking place from 1 Juny to ? July, 2005. It comprised 9 stages over 9 topics. The topics were held in the federation Sealand. The first Tour de Spam had no white jersey.

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