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TraT Tu Moi F.C

TraT Tu Moi F.C is a more traditional team in Vietnam . TTM is abbreviated name. This is a team of Ho Chi Minh City. Founded in December 2004 and had played in V-League. Currently playing in the Series III.1. The team is managed by maihacde, he is a veteran player in the villages of Vietnam games online previous, now retired.




Full name: Bui Van Hai - Birth year: 1983 - Profession: Medical Doctor. Residing in Biên Hòa city - Đồng Nai - Vietnam.


Rau Củ Quả Sài Gòn Stadium

Rau Củ Quả Sài Gòn Stadium (English: Saigon Vegetable Stadium) characteristic of a amateur stadium in Vietnam. Initially just a dump of Saigon Vegetable Company. Currently fully seat stadium for 83,438 spectators. Many international friendly match of TraT Tu Moi F.C with strong teams of the world took place here. It becomes muddy when it rains and dust when the sun has made the fans laugh more at ease.


Wilmar Chiminoski

Wilmar Chiminoski

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TraT Tu Moi F.C - Niềm kiêu hãnh cuối cùng!

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