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A tracking tool is a tool certified via CHPP. It gives the countries a possibility to keep track of players that are interesting for one or both if their national teams. There is always one Global tracker that can be used by any country if they wish so. Besides this there are trackers that have a license for one or some countries only, without being global trackers.

According to the tracking tools "are for the assistance of the National or U20 coach of a Hattrick nation. These are restricted to not give unreasonable or unfair help to any one nation."[1]

Allowed features

  • "Databases of current and potential NT/U20 players where managers elect to submit their player details. Submitted player details relating to a country can be accessed by the National/U20 coach of that country."
  • "Collecting match related information about any national or U20 team, i.e. match reports, match ratings, stars. Some sort of analysis will be allowed as long as it's not too extreme. This will be measured from case to case (when you apply for functions). Information fetched/displayed may go back 2 seasons, or 1 campaign."
  • "Statistics and history relating to the National/U20 team of one country, which can be accessed by the National/U20 coach of that country and other users from that country. The time period of data collected may be indefinite."

Forbidden features

  • "Tracking of other (meaning opponent) National/U20 teams' players, i.e. changes in players' form, injuries, new players in team, sold players, etc. No feature where the end-user starts the program and receives a summary of all recent changes to any opponent team will be approved."

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Hattrick's rules for tracking tools


  1. ^  All quotations are taken from the rules page for tracking tools.