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Importance of training

Training is one of the most important aspects of a successful team in hattrick. By concentrating on training just one skill for a number of seasons a team can take medium skilled, young players and train them up to become superstars, who can then be sold for a handsome profit. Thus improving your team and helping you in your quest to win promotion.

Training types

Training takes place once a week in hattrick. Typically only certain players are trained depending on the skill you are training. If forwards are being trained the only the players that played as a forward in one of the two games that week receives training. There are 12 types of training. Each have there own potential for generating profit or improving your team. Generally the training types that concentrate on one of the main skills (goalkeeping, defending, playmaking, winger, scoring) are the most popular training types.

Brackets indicate small effects. Double brackets indicate very small effects

Training type Improves ...for... Optimal speed Max players trained Impairs
Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Goalkeepers 5 weeks 2
Defending Defending Defenders ((Others)) 10 weeks 10
Playmaking       Midfield Inner midfielders (Wingers) ((Others)) 7 weeks 6 (4)
Scoring Scoring Forwards ((others)) 6 weeks 6
Crossing (Winger) Winger Wingers - slightly faster than other (Wing backs) ((others)) 5 weeks 4 (4)
Defensive positions Defending (Defenders and midfielders) ((Others)) > 10 weeks (20)
Wing attacks Winger Forwards and wingers ((Others)) > 5 weeks 10
Shooting (Scoring) (Outfielders) ((Others)) > 6 weeks (20)
(Set pieces) ((All)) >4 weeks
Short passes Passing Midfielders and forwards ((Others)) 5 weeks 16
Through passes Passing Defenders and midfielders ((Others)) 6 weeks 20
Set pieces Set pieces All 2 weeks
Stamina Stamina All 2 weeks Form
General (Form) (All who played a game during the week)
(Goalkeeping) ((Goalkeepers))

Effect of coach

Effect of player age

Effect of assistants

Training intensity

When to cash in