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When you perform certain 'illegal' in-game actions, you risk losing training for the whole squad that week. You will receive a notification on your Club page that the training of that week was lost.

What causes training loss

  • You've caused a Walkover by not fielding at least 9 players in a match that week. This goes for all matches, including cup and friendly matches. This will always result in losing training in order not to enable you to limit the risk of injuries by only fielding players at trainable positions. And of course for reasons of sportsmanship.

Extinct ways to lose training

  • You've played a match with more than 3 players in a central position, so more than 3 central defenders, innermids, or forwards. This will always result in losing training in order to limit the number of trainable position for each training type.
  • You have more than 10 assistant coaches and/or goalkeeping coaches. Goalkeeping coaches and assistent coaches are counted as one category, so their combined number may not exceed 10. This will not always result in losing training; the more you exceed this maximum of 10, the greater the risk. Many users got away with having 10/1 coaches for a long time, but others lost training because of it.

Since 2010's changes in the game, it is impossible to lose training by the the ways listed above, as it became impossible to field more than 3 central players and also to have more than 10 assistant coaches

Until 26 November 2008 it was also possible to have more than 50 players in your squad (coach included), resulting in possible loss of training . Again, this didn't always result in losing training; the more you exceeded the maximum of 50, the greater the risk. However, especially when having 50+ players during match and training updates, the risk was considerable, even at 51.

Please consider that you only lost your training, when it is noticed on your club page. Don't only trust one of the Helper Applications. They are helpul but may not have all data. They only guess the training progress of your players.

An example of a text that appears when your team lost training:

  • The team has missed out on training for the week due the incomprehensible actions of the club manager.