Transfer Price Evaluation

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The HAM Transfer Price Evaluation is based upon a database of previous transfers. To use the functionality, you must allow for your transfers, players bought and sold, to be uploaded in an anonymized format, to the HAM server.

The HAM Transfer Price Evaluation is done by HAM sending the stats of your players to the database at the HAM server (these player data are not saved). The server then looks for similar players being transfered in the past. If more transferes are found, the median transfer priced is returned to HAM, as well as a count on the number of transfers found. Currently all players are matched against transfers from the last 8 weeks.

When matching a player against a transfer, the server starts by determining the "main-player-type". This is done by taking the highest of the main skills: Playmaking, Scoring, Defending, Winger and Keeper. If two or more of these skills are equal, the player is determined to be the first of those, in the order listed above. Each of these "main-player-types" are then matched on their main skill (exact match) and on different sub-skills like this:

The Playmaker: Stamina +/- 1 Passing greater than weak (true or false) Defending greater than weak (true or false) Winger greater than weak (+/- 2 or false)

The Scorer: Passing greater than weak (+/- 1 or false) Playmaking greater than weak (true or false)

The Defender: Winger greater than weak (+/- 1 or false) Playmaking greater than weak (true or false) Passing greater than inadequate (+/- 1 or false)

The Winger/Wing Back: Playmaking greater than weak (+/- 1 or false) Passing greater than weak (+/- 1 or false) Defending greater than weak (+/- 1 or false)

The Keeper: Only matched on main skill.

All players: Set Pieces greater than Inadequate (+/- 2 or false) Age <= 19 exact match 19 < Age <= 24 +/- 1 24 < Age < 30 +/- 2 Age >= 30 (true or false)


Joe Midfielder Stamina Passable Keeper Disastrous Playmaking Formidable Passing Solid Winger Weak Defending Poor Scoring Solid Set Pieces Passable

First Joe Midfielder is dertemined to be a playmaker type. The match will be done on all transfers of players with precisely formidable playmaking. Stamina is relevant regardles of skill, so only transfers of players with stamina inadequate-solid will be matched (passable +/- 1). Joe Midfielders Winger skill is to low to be taken into account, so only players with Winger skill below inadequate will be matched. Joe Midfielder has solid scoring, but since he can't use scoring with playmaking, and he has been determined to be a playmaker, the scoring is completely ignored. Passing is above weak, so transfers of players with passing above weak will be matched. Defending must be below inadeqaute to match. And since Set Pieces is above inadequate, it is sxupposed to influence the price, so matches must have Set Pieces between weak and formidable (passable +/- 2).