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The Treble in association football is a slang term used for a club that wins three trophies in one season. In Hattrick you can win the national tier league, any one of the domestic cups and the international competition of Hattrick Masters.
Winning a "treble" is a very rare event, since the path to HM championship is two seasons long and obviously really challenging. This is called a hat-trick of titles in the Hattrick game.

Degrees of Treble

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HT Masters.PNG
Division I.PNG
Goldenboot I.gif
Cupseason56 consolation.png
Full Treble Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Super Treble Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Simple Treble Yes No Yes No Yes No
Minor Treble Yes No Yes No No Yes
Double champion No No Yes N/A Yes No
Minor Double champion No No Yes N/A No Yes

With the introduction of Hattrick Masters in global season 28, it became possible for a club to win three trophies each season. HM actually introduced 2 new trophies, as they also made the goldenboot available for the best scorer. Similarly, the national championship also provides a cash prize (but not a trophy) for the series' best scorer.
And finally, with the cup reform in season 56, challangers and consolation cups have been added; that make the treble less unlikely, but also less prestigious.

With these considerations in mind, we can imagine different degrees of treble that would also consider accessory prizes for players: Full Treble (or "the winner takes it all"), Super Treble, simple Treble, minor Treble (another possible combination is minor super treble - with HM golden boot and a secondary national cup).

Treble Champions

beltxis was the first to win this "treble" in g.s. 33 after winning the 6th edition of HM. beltxis is also the only club to became treble champion twice!

Broscute is another "double trebler", but his second treble is only minor, having won a challenger cup instead of a main cup.

There were only three Super Trebles in all Hattrick history and the first club to win three titles and the Golden boot was Craiova Champions (29/10/2009).

No team has achieved a "full treble" yet.

  • The list is updated before the beginning of global season 87.
  •  Hattrick International league is not included - Champions do not take part in masters.
  • Clubs in italic are now abandoned and they will not do better in the future

Treble champions list
G.S. (Country) Team International National Trophies Degree

Venezuela beltxis

HM 6 Copa Venezuela + Campeonato local season 21 Treble

Venezuela beltxis

HM 10 Copa Venezuela + Campeonato local season 25 Treble

România Craiova Champions

HM 13 + Goldenboot Cupa României + Liga I local season 28 Super Treble

Bulgaria Big Battle Axe

HM 22 Bulgarian National Cup + Vissha Liga local season 33 Treble

Singapore Be Champions FC

HM 35 + Goldenboot Singapore Cup + S-League local season 49 Super Treble

Pakistan Ancient Wolves

HM 36 Pakistan Cup + Pakistan Premier League local season 45 Treble

Al Yaman Broscute

HM 39 Al Yaman Cup + Yemeni League local season 36 Treble

Al Yaman Broscute

HM 40 Al Yaman Ruby Challenger Cup' + Yemeni League local season 37 Minor Treble

Lietuva Leaders_

HM 43 Lietuvos taurė + A Lyga local season 52 Treble

Northern Ireland St.Paul United F.C

HM 45 + Goldenboot N. Ireland Cup + Northern Irish Premier local season 51 Super Treble

Nederland De Rodenburcht

HM 46 KNVB Beker + Eredivisie local season 62 Treble

Moçambique Corinthians Moçambique

HM 47 Taça de Mocambique + Moçambola local season 42 Treble

Guatemala DarthFenuz

HM 54 + Goldenboot Copa Gran Jaguar + Liga del Quetzal local season 57 Super Treble

São Tomé e Príncipe Obo Park Pirates

HM 58 Taça Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe + Campeonato Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe local season 16 Treble