U-20 World Cup XIV

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Group Stage

Round I

This round starts on 2010-01-15 at 20:00.

Group #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
Group 1 Template:Flag/GER Template:Flag/VEN Template:Flag/PHI Template:Flag/AZE Template:Flag/ISR Template:Flag/THA Template:Flag/KEN -
Group 2 Template:Flag/ITA Template:Flag/LVA Template:Flag/CYP Template:Flag/SVK Template:Flag/GUA Template:Flag/FIN Template:Flag/KOR -
Group 3 Template:Flag/ARG Template:Flag/SVN Template:Flag/EGY Template:Flag/IRN Template:Flag/USA Template:Flag/SLV Template:Flag/MDV -
Group 4 Template:Flag/NED Template:Flag/RSA Template:Flag/CAN Template:Flag/ALB Template:Flag/PAK Template:Flag/JOR Template:Flag/TAN -
Group 5 Template:Flag/ROU Template:Flag/TUR Template:Flag/CRO Template:Flag/MGL Template:Flag/BLR Template:Flag/UAE Template:Flag/MON Template:Flag/JAM
Group 6 Template:Flag/LTU Template:Flag/LIB Template:Flag/PER Template:Flag/ARM Template:Flag/TUN Template:Flag/GHA Template:Flag/SEN Template:Flag/YEM
Group 7 Template:Flag/BEL Template:Flag/UKR Template:Flag/BOL Template:Flag/OMA Template:Flag/MDA Template:Flag/SUR Template:Flag/HON Template:Flag/BRB
Group 8 Template:Flag/HUN Template:Flag/BRU Template:Flag/LUX Template:Flag/MAR Template:Flag/NIR Template:Flag/VIE Template:Flag/FRO Template:Flag/DOM
Group 9 Template:Flag/MEX Template:Flag/POL Template:Flag/POR Template:Flag/HKG Template:Flag/RUS Template:Flag/KSA Template:Flag/ECU Template:Flag/WAL
Group 10 Template:Flag/MKD Template:Flag/LIE Template:Flag/NOR Template:Flag/PAR Template:Flag/ANG Template:Flag/IRL Template:Flag/ALG Template:Flag/PAN
Group 11 Template:Flag/ESP Template:Flag/AUT Template:Flag/AND Template:Flag/FRA Template:Flag/UGA Template:Flag/ISL Template:Flag/KGZ Template:Flag/BRA
Group 12 Template:Flag/URU Template:Flag/ENG Template:Flag/TRI Template:Flag/TPE Template:Flag/CAM Template:Flag/IND Template:Flag/SYR Template:Flag/IRQ
Group 13 Template:Flag/BUL Template:Flag/SUI Template:Flag/CHI Template:Flag/NCA Template:Flag/COL Template:Flag/CRC Template:Flag/BHR Template:Flag/QAT
Group 14 Template:Flag/CZE Template:Flag/SWE Template:Flag/BIH Template:Flag/MOZ Template:Flag/BAN Template:Flag/DEN Template:Flag/MLT Template:Flag/CIV
Group 15 Template:Flag/OCE Template:Flag/CHN Template:Flag/MAS Template:Flag/BEN Template:Flag/KUW Template:Flag/GEO Template:Flag/NGA Template:Flag/EST
Group 16 Template:Flag/SER Template:Flag/IDN Template:Flag/SIN Template:Flag/SCO Template:Flag/CPV Template:Flag/KAZ Template:Flag/GRE Template:Flag/JPN

Round II

This round starts on 2010-06-11 20:00:00 and is played in Iran.

Round III

This round starts on 2010-07-16 20:00:00 and is played in Iran.

Round IV

This round starts on 2010-07-26 20:00:00 and is played in Iran.

Knockout Stage

Semi-finals   Final
06 August 2010 - TBA      
08 August 2010 - TBA
06 August 2010 - TBA


This round starts on 2010-08-06 20:00:00 and is played in Iran.


This round starts on 2010-08-08 20:00:00 and is played in Iran.

HT Announcements

03.01.2010 Iran to host U20 World Cup XIV
As Hattrick enters a new decade - it's third! - the Hattrick Football Association has decided to let the next U20 World Cup be hosted by Iran. The league has shown tremendous growth in the last year and the dedicated community has been a big inspiration for us Hattrickocrats, who - we must admit - can suffer from the occasional case of eurocentrism. Pack your bags, people, we are going to Persia - expect a warm welcome! Qualifications start on January 15. And by the way: Don't forget to vote in in your U20 coach elections, which end on Monday morning.
16.04.2010 Iran welcomes U20 teams
As the qualification round of the 14th edition of the U20 World Cup wraps up, and the groups of round 2 are formed, the Iranian community would like to extend a warm welcome to all the teams travelling to Iran for this world event. The group 2 phase begins on June 11th.

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