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== American Staff ==
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* [[GM-Spidurman]]
* [[GM-Spidurman]]
* [[MOD-Vampyre]]
* [[MOD-Vampyre]]
== [[Major League|League]] champions ==
== [[Major League|League]] champions ==

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The USA is a country in North America. In Hattrick the USA exist since the 23rd of September 2000 (Global Season 11).





Hattrick Country
Flag of USA
Coat of Arms of USA
Location of USA (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency US$
Time zone Hattrick Time -6 (East Coast) to -11 (Hawaii)
Continent: [[North America]]
USA HT Country
[[North America]]
Number of regions: 69
Current local season: 36
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10920 (active ~7300)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: Major League
National cups: US Open Cup (main)
USA Emerald Cup (challenger)
USA Ruby Cup (challenger)
USA Sapphire Cup (challenger)
USA Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


USA started in global season 11 organised into four divisions, although reliable records seem to exist only back to global season 13 (no records for season 12, and no tables for season 11). In season 15, they expanded to five divisions, and for season 19 they expanded to the current six divisions.




Training: Fridays at 03:30 HT-Time
Economy and Club: Sundays at 01:30


Cup: Thursdays at 01:00 HT-Time
Friendlies (nationals, normal): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (nationals, cup rules): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (international, normal): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (international, cup rules): Thursdays at 01:00

League Games (all divisions): Mondays at 01:00

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Former staff:

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
35 FC Kaauuli Kaauulquappe
34 FC Kaauuli Kaauulquappe
33 Stiinta United chris21218
32 RH Crew deiseljohn
31 Stiinta United chris21218
30 Dynamo Moscow yDiamond
29 Stiinta United chris21218
28 Shaolin Landfills billycu
27 G's Goons Idigum
26 Tombstone Titans Tornado
25 G's Goons Idigum
24 G's Goons Idigum
23 Kansas City Wizards wizards
22 Kansas City Wizards wizards
21 Kansas City Wizards wizards
20 Kansas City Wizards wizards
19 Kansas City Wizards wizards
18 Kansas City Wizards wizards
17 Slashers FC slashers
16 Kansas City Wizards wizards
15 Slashers FC slashers
14 Kansas City Wizards wizards
13 Slashers FC slashers
12 New York City (Bot) Unknown
11 Ohio (Bot) Unknown

US Open Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
35 Polar Bears Polar
34 Barefoot United unshod
33 Speaker City KentS
32 Havoc GM-Havoc
31 Mountain Kings jimrtex
30 Essex County United decius
29 Radio Flyers keepersa
28 Shaolin Landfills billycu
27 FC Kaauuli Kaauulquappe
26 Tombstone Titans Tornado
25 Tombstone Titans Tornado
24 G's Goons Idigum
23 Tombstone Titans Tornado
22 Tombstone Titans Tornado
21 Kansas City Wizards wizards
20 Drunk&Disorderly DrunkenWeasel
19 Knights of the Apocalypse -apoc-
18 Kansas City Wizards wizards
17 Red Star Belgrade Darko9
16 Slashers FC slashers
15 Center City Gooners rifkin
14 Onion Patch OnionPatch
13 Kansas City Wizards wizards
12 Cyclones[1] georgeshook
11 Corinthians (Bot) Unknown

The Double

These are the teams that have managed to take home the double, i.e. win both the Major League and the US Open Cup in the same season.

Team Name Times Won Season(s)
Kansas City Wizards 2 18, 21
G's Goons 1 24
Shaolin Landfills 1 28
Tombstone Titans 1 25

Unofficial Club Champions

See the US Unofficial Championship page for more details.

National Trainers

World Cup Manager Votes / Visible votes Result
World Cup XII Polar 211 / 358 Ongoing
World Cup XI Cataclysmia ? / ? Round III, 4th place in Group 1
World Cup X rpeters, then GM-kevinapps 233 / 846, then: 170 / 846 Qualification (3 out of 7)
World Cup IX ThomasRongen ? / ? Round II, 4th place in Group 6
World Cup VIII Lathrop 243 / 686 Round III, 4th place in Group 2
World Cup VII Lathrop 202 / 752 Round IV, 4th place in Group 1
World Cup VI ArdentEnthusiast 202 / ? Round II, 4th place in Group 3
World Cup V OnionPatch 247 / 943 Round III, 4th place in Group 4
World Cup IV Slashers 161 / 478 Round III, 4th place in Group 2
World Cup III bobhemprules, then: Slashers ? / ? Round III, 3rd place in Group 2
World Cup II georgeshook ? / ? P3 purple.gif 3rd place
World Cup I georgeshook ? / ? P3 purple.gif 3rd place

U-20 Coaches

World Cup Manager Votes / Visible votes Result
U-20 World Cup XI rpeters 104 / 403 Qualification (5 out of 8)
U-20 World Cup X rpeters 76 / 367 Qualification (5 out of 7)
U-20 World Cup IX FryDog 167 / 588 Qualification (3 out of 7)
U-20 World Cup VIII Mod-Pretzel 182 / 586 Round II, 3rd place in Group 8
U-20 World Cup VII Azeroth 218 / 650 Round III, 3rd place in Group 4
U-20 World Cup VI GM-brxnivy 295 / 960 P3 blue.gif 3rd place
U-20 World Cup V GM-brxnivy ? / ? Round III, 3rd place in Group 2
U-20 World Cup IV TargetPractice6 ? / ? Round III, 3rd place in Group 2
U-20 World Cup III Idigum 110 / 427 Round III, 3rd place in Group 1
U-20 World Cup II -apoc- ? / ? P3 blue.gif 3rd place
U-20 World Cup I IndyRacing ? / ? P3 blue.gif 3rd place

Top federations

The Bottom Division Federation, Kraftworks Union, the US Training Federation, and New Kids on the Block are all popular US-based Federations. The top Defending federation, Defense Trainers, was also founded by a USA manager, and currently stands as the largest US-based federation.


Map of the Regional Federations in the USA

Regional Federations are also extremely prevalent, with at least 18 Regional Federations in operation claiming territory over 41 of the 50 states.



  1. ^  Changed name from Cyclones to FC Abbington Park.


North America

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