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== USA Staff ==
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* [[GM-Spidurman]] (USA GM)
* [[GM-Spidurman]] (USA GM)
* [[MOD-Vampyre]]
* [[MOD-Vampyre]]
== [[Major League|League]] champions ==
== [[Major League|League]] champions ==

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The USA are a country in North America. In Hattrick the USA has existed since the 23rd of September 2000 (Global Season 11).





Hattrick Country
Location of USA (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency US$
Time zone Hattrick Time -6 (East Coast) to -11 (Hawaii)
Continent: [[North America]]
USA HT Country
[[North America]]
Number of regions: 69
Current local season: 32(*)
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10920 (active ~7100)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: Major League
National cups: US Open Cup (main)
USA Emerald Cup (challenger)
USA Ruby Cup (challenger)
USA Sapphire Cup (challenger)
USA Consolation Cup (third tier)
(*) The USA exist since season 11, hence it is on its 22nd season.
National teams





Training: Fridays at 03:30 HT-Time
Economy and Club: Sundays at 01:30


Cup: Thursdays at 01:00 HT-Time
Friendlies (nationals, normal): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (nationals, cup rules): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (international, normal): Thursdays at 01:00
Friendlies (international, cup rules): Thursdays at 01:00

League Games (all divisions): Mondays at 01:00

[celsius opteron] [burn in my light] [canzone rico wwe] [generatore 5 kw] [super copter] [biotecnologie lavoro] [gene simmons] [ledy diana] [agnon shemuel yosef] [volkswagen polo 14 var comfortline] [logitech z5500] [viaggio avventura mondo] [the o c] [luigi filippo i] [kgs 36310] [climatizzatori portatile] [evanescence anywhere but home] [eurone] [morellato fiore] [rack 1ru] [divine] [nami nuda] [noleggio dvd arezzo] [seghe piedi] [kit access point pc] [we have all the time] [quake iii revolution] [km0 volkswagen golf plus benzina auto km] [hp q3962a] [lavatrici b] [chanel egoiste] [nude women] [ford leasing] [kenan dogulu album 5 5] [misterart] [el arquero del rey] [hd 2 5 sata] [acer travelmate] [programma recupero dato] [monaco tg5 it] [attila bruni] [borsa chicco 48 ore] [aquilaria] [alburno] [ostrica] [border crossing il confine] [almirall] [zlato srebro] [programmi excel] [frank sinatra frank sinatra] [fax l220] [enrico v] [modem isdn 128] [goreme cava hotel] [berghotel tirol] [freelander 2003] [balzani] [gunther and the sunshinegirls] [epl 6100] [costume arabo] [paolo e valeria] [ci sai] [dlink hub 8 porte dgs1008d] [monster boobs] [biliardo shangai] [monitor philips 170s6fg] [texas flood] [pajero sw] [hard disck esterni usb] [core] [cd simply red greatest hits] [mature series] [vertigine bianca] [chitarr] [free porn foto] [mirco mania] [playstation interactive sampler vol 4] [maglieria lacoste] [just for jou] [eve discografia track list] [testimoni di geova] [poudre libre] [vivitar] [wireless ap] [cittadinanza attiva] [web free] [finanziamento artigiano] [crossfire auto] [cover zero assoluto] [televisore sony 14] [efs 60 canon] [come una fotografia] [matematica pni 2004 esami di stato] [nero cucine] [universa prayer] [montaggi facciate e serramenti] [huacho] [i corsari della terra] [herne bay] [motorola black edition] == USA Staff ==

Former staff:

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
32 RH Crew deiseljohn
31 Stiinta United chris21218
30 Dynamo Moscow yDiamond
29 Stiinta United chris21218
28 Shaolin Landfills billycu
27 G's Goons Idigum
26 Tombstone Titans Tornado
25 G's Goons Idigum
24 G's Goons Idigum
23 Kansas City Wizards wizards
22 Kansas City Wizards wizards
21 Kansas City Wizards wizards
20 Kansas City Wizards wizards
19 Kansas City Wizards wizards
18 Kansas City Wizards wizards
17 Slashers FC slashers
16 Kansas City Wizards wizards
15 Slashers FC slashers
14 Kansas City Wizards wizards
13 Slashers FC slashers
12 New York City (Bot) Unknown
11 Ohio (Bot) Unknown

US Open Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
32 Havoc Mod-Havoc
31 Mountain Kings jimrtex
30 Essex County United decius
29 Radio Flyers keepersa
28 Shaolin Landfills billycu
27 FC Kaauuli Kaauulquappe
26 Tombstone Titans Tornado
25 Tombstone Titans Tornado
24 G's Goons Idigum
23 Tombstone Titans Tornado
22 Tombstone Titans Tornado
21 Kansas City Wizards wizards
20 Drunk&Disorderly DrunkenWeasel
19 Knights of the Apocalypse -apoc-
18 Kansas City Wizards wizards
17 Red Star Belgrade Darko9
16 Slashers FC slashers
15 Center City Gooners rifkin
14 Onion Patch OnionPatch
13 Kansas City Wizards wizards
12 Cyclones[1] GM-George
11 Corinthians (Bot) Unknown

The Double

These are the teams that have managed to take home the double, i.e. win both the Major League and the US Open Cup in the same season.

Team Name Times Won Season(s)
Kansas City Wizards 2 18, 21
G's Goons 1 24
Shaolin Landfills 1 28
Tombstone Titans 1 25

Unofficial Club Champions

See the US Unofficial Championship page for more details.

National Trainers

World Cup Manager Result
World Cup X rpeters, then kevinapps ongoing
World Cup IX ThomasRongen Round II loss
World Cup VIII Lathrop Round III loss
World Cup VII Lathrop Round IV loss
World Cup VI ArdentEnthusiast Round II loss
World Cup V OnionPatch Round III loss
World Cup IV Slashers Round III loss
World Cup III bobhemprules, then: Slashers Round III loss
World Cup II GM-George Bronze Medal
World Cup I GM-George Bronze Medal

U-20 Coaches

World Cup Manager Result
U-20 World Cup IX FryDog Qualification loss
U-20 World Cup VIII DWetzel Round II loss
U-20 World Cup VII Azeroth Round III loss
U-20 World Cup VI GM-brxnivy Bronze Medal
U-20 World Cup V GM-brxnivy Round III loss
U-20 World Cup IV TargetPractice6 Round IV loss
U-20 World Cup III Idigum Round IV loss
U-20 World Cup II -apoc- Bronze Medal
U-20 World Cup I IndyRacing Bronze Medal


Top federations

The Bottom Division Federation, Kraftworks Union, The US Training Federation, and New Kids on the Block are all popular US-based Federations. The top Defending federation, Defense Trainers, was also founded by a USA manager, and currently stands as the largest USA-based federation.


Map of the Regional Federations in the USA

Regional Federations are also extremely prevalent, with at least 18 Regional Federations in operation claiming territory over 41 of the 50 states.



  1. ^  Changed name from Cyclones to FC Abbington Park.


North America

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