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The US Marshalls was a short-lived program in the HT-USA and non-HT USA conferences. It was squashed after an international incident.

Currently operating as a covert-ops program under the same name. The goal of the US Marshalls remains the same: protect the Carebears at all cost.

Alleged US Marshalls

  • oprice
  • patriot_conan
  • septimusjm
  • enigmamz
  • hrudey22
  • daklute

Fallen Comrades


Carebears are a group of US managers of unknown number who long for a US Conference in which posts are always on-topic and mostly serious. The US Marshalls attempt to guide all HT-USA posts in this direction.

Belgie Summit

One of the Marshalls' first projects was to hold a Summit in non-HT Belgie. Their goal was to learn from the Belgian managers how they kept their conferences so well-ordered. Unfortunately the summit turned into a major international incident (see Fallen Comrades above) after which the Marshalls were forced to go covert-ops.


Interpol was the greatest thing to come from the Belgie Summit. In brief, Interpol is the international equivalent of the Marshalls, fighting on a worldwide scale to protect and serve the Bisounours, Les Calinours, Die Glücksbärchis, Troetelbeertjes and Los Ositos Cariñositos.


The US Marshalls are not and never were official US Staff members. They do not have any of the authority of the US Staff and their responsibilities do not overlap. To a large extent, GMs and Mods are here to punish rogues. The US Marshalls have a much more positive goal: protect and serve Carebears.