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UTD M.Adi (343054)
Managed by dolevc2
Club information
LocationKrayot Israel
ArenaUTD M.Adi Arena
Fan Club6 Seasons at VI.328 - Do I have fans?

UTD M.Adi is an Israeli team managed by dolevc2. The team was founded in the end of 2004 (22.12.2004 at 14:48) and since then won the league VI.328 twice but haven't got more far of it. The team still resied at the same league.


The team's history is quite boring. UTD M.Adi started at VI.328 and is still there nowadays.

The beggining was hard and UTD M.Adi haven't managed so much. The manager dolevc2 haven't learned the game yet, although he read the rules and some sites guide. In the 1st two season UTD M.Adi didn't have a training regime and her coach was only Weak. The team's economy didn't grow up making the team's movement to training Defending even harder.

With the help of a user (don't remember username) the team started to train defence.dolevc2 didn't quite understand the meaning of training so he bought only two trainees: Adolfo Páez and Francis Canales; I will tell more about them later.

With the help of Mod-Microscope the team started to build up. He convinced the manager of UTD M.Adi to start trainning defence and explained alot to him about the wierd thing called training. The team improved alot. With the recorde of Magnificent defending at the middle (188 HT Stats) the team left defence training and moved to training PM. That is the current season. UTD M.Adi with a record of 195 HT Stats and the same league VI.328.

Achievements & Records


Season League Israel Cup Trophies
9 6th in VI.328 1st round none
10 4th in VI.328 1st round none
11 1st in VIII.551 1st round P1 brown-new.gif
12 1st in VI.328 3rd round P1 brown-new.gif
13 2nd in VI.328 3rd round none
14 2nd in VI.328 2nd round none
15 * 3rd round none

* Current season



Season Wins Losses Draws Goals scored Goals conceded Goal Difference
9* - - - - - -
10 7 4 3 39 20 +19
11 10 2 2 42 8 +34
12 12 1 1 39 8 +31
13 10 3 1 37 17 +20
14 8 1 5 35 9 +26
15** 4 1 0 13 5 +16
Total 57 20 13 243 105 +252

* Hate HATStats! They didn't get it online.
** Current season


Current players

1 Vladimir Glavočević Template:Flag/NED
2 Tal Twily Template:Flag/NED
3 Adolfo Páez Template:Flag/POR
4 Vernon Sheridan Template:Flag/DEN
5 Pablo Alejandro Miele Template:Flag/FIN
18 Martín Andrés Tronconi Template:Flag/NED
19 Espen Nerhus Template:Flag/NOR
20 Hossam El-Amal Template:Flag/NED
6 Tikhon Onokhin Template:Flag/NED
7 Arturo Escalante Template:Flag/ENG
8 John Crookshanks Template:Flag/NED
9 Maurizio Di Pasquale Template:Flag/NED
10 Nacho Picazo Template:Flag/NED
11 Petar Tetevenski Template:Flag/NED
61 Mohammed Borgharts Template:Flag/CZE
12 Warren Fink Template:Flag/ISR
13 Lahav Oz Template:Flag/GUA
14 Lucas Ayala Template:Flag/NED
15 Marlon Weissenberg Template:Flag/NED
21 Nir Awat Template:Flag/NED
16 Arie Vermaat Template:Flag/NED
17 Witold Kumorowski Template:Flag/NED
22 Tim Mcwilliams Template:Flag/USA
23 Grzegorz Spociński Template:Flag/LVA

Club Legends

(3). Julius Peurajarvi (36997400) 22 years, inadequate form, healthy A sympathetic guy who is calm and honest. Has poor experience and weak leadership abilities.

Speciality: Unpredictable

Nationality: Suomi Total Skill Index (TSI): 1 840 Wage: 6 360 NIS/week including 20% Bonus Owner: UTD M.Adi Warnings: 0 Injuries: Healthy

Stamina: passable Goaltending: disastrous Playmaking: wretched Passing: poor Winger: weak Defending: excellent Scoring: weak Set Pieces: poor

Career Goals: 4 Career Hattricks: 0 League goals this season: 0 Cup goals this season: 0

Transfer list: Wing Back

Deadline: 06/06/2005 at 19.54

Asking price: 1 000 000 NIS

Wining bid: 2 130 000 NIS

Statement: Good man, good player, good defender. Julius, this is a goodbye. You donated alot of victiories by your 4 goals on UTD M.Adi but donated an excellent defence blocking any opponent that came into your part of the field. May you will be successful in your time as a player and a good person. Keep up the good job!

Bye bye.


(3). Elad Malul (50459179) 31 years, inadequate form, healthy A popular guy who is balanced and righteous. Has poor experience and weak leadership abilities.

Nationality: Israel Total Skill Index (TSI): 490 Wage: 3 840 NIS/week including 20% Bonus Owner: tawside Warnings: 0 Injuries: Healthy

TSI = 520 , 31 years, inadequate form Has poor experience and weak leadership abilities Stamina: inadequate Keeper: wretched Playmaking: passable Passing: inadequate Winger: weak Defending: passable Scoring: wretched Set pieces: disastrous

Career Goals: 10 Career Hattricks: 0 League goals this season: 0 Cup goals this season: 0

Statement: He was a good man, maybe he didn't play so well but he was a representative of the team. He loved the team, the manager, a friend of all the players. So goodbye man :)