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Personal Information
Full name Ulrik Falkenner
Country Template:Flag/SWEn
Position Coach
Club Information
Current club Template:Flag/BEL SVV Red Star Brussels
Junior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
17-19 Template:Flag/SWE Snittvikt 90 (Seuans FK) _0_(0)
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
19-19 Template:Flag/SWE Snittvikt 90 (Seuans FK) _0_(0)
19-25 Template:Flag/SWE Öron-Näsa-Hals-Doktorn _63_(6)
25-31 Template:Flag/RUS Dinamo St. Petersburg _88_(7)
31-34 Template:Flag/NED FC Overmars _46_(0)
34-34 Template:Flag/GER Energie Haarzopf _11_(1)
35-38 Template:Flag/ITA NGL NEw Team _20_(1)
38-39 Template:Flag/FRA FC FLENU _0_(0)
39-41 Template:Flag/BEL SVV Red Star Brussels _6_(0)
Global Seasons Team Games
41- Template:Flag/BEL SVV Red Star Brussels 9 (trainer)

Ulrik Falkenner (Stockholm, Template:Flag/SWEn) is a Swedish football player who actualy plays for SVV Red Star Brussels. He is a Central Defender.

Early Career and Swedish Period

First Steps in Football

Falkenner started his career at his local team Seuans FK, which is now known as Snittvikt 90. A played in the youth division of the team, before being promoted to the first team during season 19. He never played in the senior team at Seuans FK, but was immediatly transferred to another local team Öron-Näsa-Hals-Doktorn.

First Transfer and A-Team Player

At Öron-Näsa-Hals-Doktorn he started as a reserve player, only to become part of the standard line-up by the end of season 20. Falkenner however soon developed as a standard player, and a crucial element in the defence of his team. He played as central defender or wingback. Falkenner became famous for his perfect insight in football, and his quick and correct reacting against any attacking attempt of his opponents.

Career Abroad


In the middle of Season 25, the Russian team Dinamo St. Petersburg offered 2,59 million euros to acquire the Swedish defender. Falkenner transferred to the Russian team, and became the organiser of the defence of this team. He was able to bring structure and organisation in the team, and as such was crucial in the promotion of his team to Third Division during Season 29. Falkenner would play 2 more seasons with his team in this division. His most famous achievement was when Falkenner was able to recover the ball after a player of Rebellion in Dream broke out on a cornerattack. This great run by Falkenner prevented a certain 1-1 and possible prolongations in this cup game.

Holland en Germany

In the middle of Season 31, Falkenner transferred to the Dutch team FC Overmars in Den Haag, for a transfer sum of 937.500€. Again, Falkenner became a key element in the defence of his new team. He played three seasons in The Netherlands, before moving to Bavaria in Germany to play one season for Energie Haarzopf. Falkenner retained his first team statute in both teams.

Italy and France

Falkenner started Season 35 in the Italian team NGL NEw TEam. He originaly started again in the first team, but during the 4th game of the season, Falkenner was tackled hardly from behind by the Dutch Gladio attacker Jordy van der Wijst. Soon it became clear that Falkenners' ankle was broken, and he wouldn't play anymore for the rest of the season. Falkenner made a lot of efforts trying to recover from his injury, but his injuries proved more important then they first seemed. Two extra seasons of injurytime were his part, and he never played again for his team. He transferred to a French lower division team FC Flenu, but never played because of his injury.

Playing career at RSG Gent

Falkenner started to occupy himself with the accompagnement of younger Scandinavian players, and was a go-between between RSB and Einar Hagberg and Torbe Heyde Petersen when they transferred to Ghent. Because of his experience, Falkenner was offered a position at Red Star Brussels as a player. He was treated in the University Hospital of Ghent for his fractured ankle, and recovered quickly. He even was capable of playing a few games for Red Star Brussels after his arrival, but it became clear soon that Falkenner would never be able to play again like he did before. Therefore Falkenner started to prepare himself to become a trainer

Seasons Overview at Red Star Brussels

This tabel gives an overview of the matches Ulrik Falkenner played through the seasons.

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
39 IX.1432 1 0 0 0 1 0
40 IX.1432 4 0 0 0 4 1
41 VIII.255 1 0 0 0 1 0
Total 6 0 0 0 6 0

Training career

Falkenner became the trainer of Red Star Brussels after Matchday 5 of Season 41. He replaced French interim-coach Sylvestre Mougin who was the team's coach after Frank Frederix left the team for personal reasons. Falkenner successfully promoted to Division VII, after a marvelous Season in Division VIII.255: Red Star Brussels remained unbeaten during the season, and won all but one games, and only having one draw. He successfully changed the training scheme of the team from Playmaking to Shooting.

Personal Life

Falkenner is married to Eva Nilsson, and has three daughters. The family lives in Elsene, Brussels.

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