Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05

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Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05 (44777)
Chief Officer Carlos-Tevez
Founding date 18-July-2006
Members 44 (on 09-jan-2008)
Languages German

The Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05 is a german-language Federation of users who began playing Hattrick in June 2005. At that point of time the biggest waiting list in Hattricks history has been worked on, and the new german division X was full of new users within roughly two weeks. The new users caused uproar in the old community fast, as this generation of Hattrickers seemed to not care about old community abnormalities such as categorizing game-incentives as evil, and showed an overall big amount of ambition.
Today some users with other startdates are members due to invitation, to.

Community-known members are:

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