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Universal M (151870)
Managed by Giggsip
Club information
LocationTel Aviv Israel
ArenaThe valley of the shadow of death
Fan ClubWe'll get medieval on your Ass!

Team Name

I am often asked what the hell dows "Univeral M" mean?!

So here it is, exclusivly to you in Hattrick Wiki:

I am a fan of 3 clubs in the world sports:

So with all of them starting with the letter 'M' and being in different sports and countries I decided to call my the the "Universal M".

At least it's something original, not another Maccabi, Hapoel or Beitar something...

You can also see the name meaning portrayed very well in my team logo, made by Mod-Phantom.


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Memorable Moments

  • Season 3 - Club Created
  • Season 3 - IV.16 Champion (that was fast...)
  • Season 9 - III.16 Champion (that wasn't...)
  • Season 10 - II.2 Champion (but no promotion, bad Beitar, bad!)
  • Season 11 - Licensed Hattrick manager (now that's a real memorable moment!)

Favorite Players


netanya king's - Managed by kfirgold (Kfir), Played with me 3 seasons in III.16 and was allways my biggest rival. It took me almost forever, but eventually I beat him 5-0 in a friendly game. That is probably the lowest point in his hattrick career :)

Oh, and incase you wonder: Yes the spelling mistake in the team name is indeed original! :)

Beitar - That *$%@!@ prevented me from promoting to Ligat Ha'al, But I'm not one to just be bitter about it, I'll have my revenge!!!!