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(aka League Updates, Upcoming Activities)


Click your country, in the lower right corner you will see the next pending update. If you would like to see the updates for the next week click: League dates

This could look like this:


Daily updates: 28-11-2005 at 04.15

Daily updates: 29-11-2005 at 02.15

Daily updates: 29-11-2005 at 15.15

Daily updates: 01-12-2005 at 04.15

Daily updates, training: 02-12-2005 at 04.15

Daily updates: 02-12-2005 at 16.15

Weekly and daily updates: 03-12-2005 at 03.15

Match times

League matches (up to Level 6): Sunday 04:15:00

Cup matches: Wednesday 02:30:00

Friendlies (national, normal): Wednesday 02:30:00

Friendlies (national, cup type): Wednesday 02:30:00

International friendlies (normal): Wednesday 02:30:00

International friendlies (cup type): Wednesday 02:30:00

Keep in mind that the times specified above indicate the earliest possible start time for the activity. There can be delays for various reasons, and all the updates, as well as matches, take time to complete. Precisely how long varies depending on how many teams there are in the league and on the type of update.

For an overview of when certain updates take place in certain countries, you can visit hattriX-files.

Daily Update

  • Changes in weather
  • At certain daily updates fans will join or leave the fanclub.
  • Health update of injured players

Training Update

This is the update where your players will skill up according to the training type and intensity you set before. They won't pop, each week, but even if you don't see a change in skill level, the players received training (except if there are bugs :-) )

Weekly Update

This one is commonly known as 'Economic update'.

After match update

This one happens directly after your team played a match. Your players will gain experience, or get their TSI changed depending on injuries.