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Flag of Uppland
Location of Uppland
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Northern Europe
Country:  Sverige
Latitude: 59°52' N
Longitude: 17°37' E
Number of teams: 1900
Time zone:

A region in Sverige with 1918 teams. The IRL region has 1,339,154 people in 2004. Included in this is the larger part of Stockholm which is not an IRL region.


Latitud: 59°52' N
Longitud: 17°37' E

Top teams

1. BK Marx Id
3. Gälbo united IIm
4. IFK Lyx IIc
5. Hebbes vänner IIg
6. Dosa Sanusa IIc
7. UTK IIb
8. Cuba B.K IIk
9. Uppsala IF III.1
10. William Tigers III.17