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Main information

Team: Riga Gunners
Country: Latvija
Region: Rīga
Starting date: May 20, 2003

For a long time after establishing Riga Gunners, another did not read the rules nor take the game too seriously; thus, his team became the longest living team of league IV.57 (12 seasons), as well as the most successful (298 points). However, once he turned more seriously to the game, Riga Gunners managed to win the league 3 times (season 11, 13, and 15) and finally promote to III.9, where it is still playing.

another is known for his active participation in the Tactics Federation, where as the Cupmanager he is organising the seasonal Tcs CUP, as well as the HT community in Kuwait, where he has helped several users with their first steps in HT.

Youth Academy: Junior Gunners (or simply Gooners) another has been using the new Youth Academy system from the very beginning, and has had relative success with the youth team Junior Gunners. Gooners won the Tactics League of Honour (the highest youth team league within the Tactics Federation) in Season 2, as well as produced several rather good youth pulls.